Monday, April 21, 2008

Shoes Required

When we were at my mom's on Saturday evening, the kids went outside to play with my sister on my mom's playset which is a wooden clubhouse that I used as a kid with a new wooden swingset attached. Well, I looked out after they had been out there for a while and there were both kids without any shoes on running all over the place and climbing all over the clubhouse/swingset. I've never been a big fan of bare feet outside and just kept thinking of dirty feet and cuts/scrapes. But I also know how good that must have felt to them being such a nice day and to have their little piggies out in the grass. Once dinner was ready though, they came in and we washed their feet and put their shoes back on - had I known Bryce was going to take a "swim" later, I would have left them off!!!

Anyway, yesterday, I noticed that Bryce had a bunch of little sores on the tops of his toes on both feet and I chalked it up to the fact that he'd worn new sandals the day before and he had complained about them rubbing a little bit, so I didn't even look closer at it. But when I came home from the (moon) shower, Jason asked if I'd really looked at his feet because they were COVERED in splinters.

He had splinters on the tops of 5 of his toes and several underneath. Jason had been able to extract a few of them - mainly the ones already looking infected - and we decided to wait until after his bath to try again since you can imagine how much a 2 year old likes to have splinters dug out of his feet. We also inspected Caroline's and she had a few on the bottoms as well. Let me tell you, it was quite a battle trying to hold them still to get the splinters out and we didn't even manage to get them all out so we're watching them for signs of infection (we got the bad looking ones out).

Jason couldn't understand it at first because my parents have the "fake wood" stuff on their deck but then he remembered they'd been out on the playground where part of it has some fairly old wood on it. Just another reason they should have listened to mommy that evening.


Viv said...

Splinters on the tops are the WORST! Makenzie rode her little bike (more like a 3 wheeled trike)last summer on our wood deck since I was either pregnant or had a feeding/sleeping baby (we didn't have our fence up yet so playing under the deck was a no-no) Well since she really didn't how to ride she pushed herself along and let her feet drag behind/underneath her. Well this meant her bare feet were skimming the top of the wood deck. It only took that happening 1 time for me to insist she wore shoes on the deck. She hated every minute of my holding her down to try to get the splinters out - she had like 10 that I could find! Her poor little feet looked horrible after that and I was careful to keep them clean but WOW! Makes me hope that doesn't happen to Tori this summer!

Good luck tonight with bath time and getting them all out!

BJ said...

Oh wow, I can't even imagine. I know Sydney would have thrown a fit and so trying to get multiple splinters out would have been very difficult. Glad to hear you got most of them out.