Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saturday Morning At Our House

Well, Bryce woke up at 7:30 and miracle of miracles he got out of bed and came into our room w/o YELLING or crying for us to come and get him. I could NOT believe it. But he'd pooped so into the shower we went to spray him off. But oh wow, the Balmex worked WONDERS overnight. Hard to believe it was the same skin! I swear, the stuff never helped Caroline's diaper rash. A&D was always the only thing that helped her. Funny how that works.... He's still going here and there but I'm hoping that maybe it's starting to slow a little. He's starting to drink a little more w/o prompting too, so I'm hoping it will be flushed out of his system soon.

We also had to turn on the A/C. Ugh. Clearly not b/c of the heat b/c it's just LOVELY out, but if you saw Bryce's flaming face this morning, you'd understand. Jason is upstairs vacuuming up dirt and pollen and in the past hour since we've turned it on, Bryce's face is already MUCH less red. It's really amazing. We're going to try and keep him inside today and see if it helps him.

Aside from the health/allergy issues, the kids have already had quite a few fights spurred by one wanting to do what the other is doing when the other had NO interest in whatever the other was doing a few minutes before. I think Caroline needs to get out of the house so I think we'll go out and plant the bulb garden she got for Easter from my grandmother since it's warm enough now. I just hope it doesn't make Bryce too nuts knowing we're outside and he's not.

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BJ said...

You definitely have had your hands full this week. Hope everyone continues to improve!