Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Out of the Woods

It seems Caroline is out of the woods. She hasn't thrown up since 10:30pm last night and slept through the night only waking to take sips of water on her own accord. Of course, because she slept on an air mattress in our room, everytime she moved, I woke up thinking vomitting was iminent. Jason said he slept fine, but I certainly did not. I know I slept b/c I had weird dreams, but I feel like I didn't get much sleep.

She's had more water and has been drinking some Gatorade as well. She must have been feeling a tiny bit hungry b/c she asked Jason for waffles!! But, he let her have some applesauce instead and she took a few bites and then said she wanted to lay back down. After throwing up that much in the course of 7 hours, I can only imagine how tired and depleted her little body is!

So Jason is home with them today and is more worried about managing Bryce since it seems his sister's illnesses bring out the crazy man in him. Although Caroline had perked up considerably this morning and was actually talking again - she barely said anything last night which is a HUGE red flag for her. But this morning she had already been giggling at something and disagreed when she overheard Bryce say something she didn't like. I'm guessing by the time I get home, she should be doing even better since I'm hoping she'll have gotten a few more calories into her.

Now for me to get my head out of this fog long enough to get some work done. Why doesn't my office come with a pillow?


BJ said...

Glad to hear things are lookin' up. Hey you know you can borrow a certain secretary's pillow since we know she has used it a time or two at work.

Katie said...

Hope C is doing better!