Monday, April 28, 2008

My Recent Movie Reviews

I thought I'd put down a few thoughts on the movies I've seen recently and when I say recently, I mean within the last 5 months. See, when you have 2 kids and are pregnant, watching just ONE movie on a weekend is a tall order. Either we fall asleep, know we'll fall asleep, or forget we have a movie. Most of these are from Netflix and it's a good thing we have the lowest membership level because sometimes, two films a month is too much for us. Whoa Nelly, I know.

Juno - Jay and I both wanted to see this based on reviews and knowing what kinds of films we like. Overall, we liked it but I had a lot of issues with it. First of all, it totally overly simplified pregnancy/childbirth and made it seem easy. I can't imagine being 16 and it being "easy." Plus, while I think Juno was a very unique girl in the way she handled it, I don't think most young girls and their families would be able to handle it in such a non-chalant fashion. However, it did have a good ending and the dialogue was funny, so I'll give it a B+.

Marie Antoinette - This was not a Netflix movie - I just happened upon it on a Saturday night while Jason snoozed on the couch. And I must say, it was good! I had wanted to see it and I loved how Sophia Coppola intertwined the pre-French Revolution story with modern music. I thought Kirsten Dunst was quite good as the title character and after watching the film, I had to read up on my M.A. history. I know the history of the French Revolution quite well but not much about M.A. and it turns out that it didn't stray too far from known fact although it did leave out one of her children and another big storyline. The costuming and scenery alone made it worth a watch but then, I love European history. I'll give this one an A-.

The Simpsons - Not bad, but honestly, I've seen singular Simpsons episodes that I've thought were wittier and funnier. The whole EPA/environment storyline was well timed and there were definitely great moments, but the whole Simpsons in Alaska thing was kind of boring. I'd only give it a C+.

Breach - This was Jason's pick and I wasn't totally excited about watching it, but I must say, it was good. It stars Ryan Phillippe (mmmm!) as an aspiring FBI agent in the events leading up to the arrest of Robert Hanssen in 2001 which is thought by most to be the most devastating spy in American history. So if you enjoy current events/American history and some FBI craziness, this is totally a great watch and it's not too long or complicated, so not overly heavy. I'd give it an A.

Crash - This was my pick and I ended up watching it alone b/c Jason had no intersest. It won the Oscar for best film in 2004 and I can't say I agree. Thought provoking? Yes but to me it seemed a bit over done and too coincidental. It's one of those films with a bunch of different stories and characters woven together and you figure out later how they are connected. I usually kind of like that, but this just was overly dramatic and not that enjoyable to watch. I'd give it a C+.

Waitress - Okay, I can honestly say, I LOVE LOVE LOVED this movie. Again, my pick and Jason didn't watch it with me but OMG, this movie was just great. I've always liked Keri Russell, but this made me a huge fan. The movie is about a pie diner waitress who ends up mistakenly getting pregnant by her jerk husband and while the story is never really that complex, it's just wonderful and bittersweet at the same time. Plus, it has the real news story that the woman who wrote/directed and acted in it, was brutally murdered before it ever enjoyed the amazing success it had. (She was very talented and it's sad we won't see anymore of her films!) I laughed and I cried through this one and I just felt like there was a lot of truth in it. So if you have the chance to check this one out, please do. I give it an A!

The Good Shepherd - Another one of Jason's picks about the beginnings of the CIA starring Matt Damon. It was interesting but also kind of complicated too. It kept me interested but there were a few flaws in the film that I just couldn't get over. I'd give it a solid B-.

Superbad - Jay and I both wanted to see this since we'd heard funny things about it and it was funny, but I'd say only the first half is really, truly funny. The characters are hilarious and I just love the "McLovin" character, but by about midway through the movie, I was bored and just waiting for it to end. It also gets kind of far fetched too whereas the beginning of the movie was more realistic which made it much more comical. However, just for the McLovin references alone, it was worth it. Of course, Jason and I aren't bothered by offensive humor, so that really didn't bother us at all. In fact, sometimes I think that kind of stuff makes Jason laugh harder which I always love to hear. I'll give this one a B-.


H. said...

WOW! You are way ahead of me...I just saw the Bee Movie last parents own it, so we borrowed it...haven't had a chance to rent a movie in a long time...I think a few months ago we rented Superbad...I agree with your review on that one...haven't seen the others though!

Erika said...

That's 5 months AND a Netflix subscription! I wouldn't say I'm up with the times. :)

Katie said...

I agree with you on Crash. L got that and I had zero interest in watching it. It felt too contrived and manipulative to me and I can't stand when movies try to force it. I didn't get why this movie had so many awards-- I couldn't even sit through it.

I liked M.A. too, I think. I saw that awhile back, but I think I remember liking it-- at least enough to look up MA on Wikipedia!