Thursday, April 17, 2008

My poor blue eyed babies!

Gah! My poor kids! Yes the weather is nice (thank heavens!) and it's been sunny, but you do realize that means it's HIGH allergy season?? We know Bryce's nemesis of oak pollen (and basically almost any other pollen) and we were sensing that Caroline was developing them last year too, but the poor kid, she's got full blown allergies this year. Both kids have this weird off/on cough along with stuff/runny noses and just the general allergy look - dark circles under their eyes and reddish eyes. They are also more tired than usual and a little more grumpy in the mornings.

I guess Caroline is developing her allergies in a more typical way. When Bryce tested as VERY allergic to environmental allergens at a young age, the allergist said he was surprised to see such a little kid being so allergic. Apparently, most kids develop environmental allergies in their 3rd and 4th year after being exposed to the allergens a few years in a row which is exactly how Caroline is presenting. She had very little, if any reaction when she was 2, some last year, and now she's full blown allergy girl. So, I've got her on Zyrtec (OTC) and I even gave her some of Bryce's nasal spray to tide her over until I can get her own Rx. I KNOW I should take her to an allergist like Bryce, but environmental allergies seem a little less urgent given that in a few more weeks, the bad part will be over. And the thought of doing an allergy skin test on her frightens me! (Her reaction to the pain/discomfort, not what the results will be....)

I feel so bad for them considering while I have mild animal allergies and possibly some dust mite allergies, it's never been that bad - I rarely get stuffed up from them and usually just sneeze a lot in the mornings and then, that's it. However, knowing how bad Jason's mold allergies are, I'm not surprised our poor kids are affected. Although it's odd since he has never tested positive for many pollens. I guess our kids got the short end of the stick allergy-wise. So I'm sure #3 will be headed in that direction too....and to be honest, they fit the profile perfectly - caucasion, blonde and light eyes is what the allergists always say are the most allergic people. Maybe my brown eyes helped me? My MIL is convinced #3 will have brown eyes too, so maybe she'll be spared some of it.


viv said...

WOW that sucks! I guess I shouldbe very lucky for me (white/blonde/blue) never had ANY issues! Jay's that way too so I'm SOOOO hoping that the girls get lucky too since they are little mirrors of J & I!

And I guess you are super glad for meds, and OTC now too!

Katie said...

Awww. Poor guys.

H. said...

Oh no! That's rough. I see all the little kids with allergies piled up in the nurse's office at work. They look miserable. Allen's are bad too...but a little Clarinex always helps him. *knock on wood* I have been spared....Gretchen has blue eyes and thus far, blonde hair....uh oh!

Erin said...

Oh, Ben is suffering SO BADLY this year, poor kid. And I'm scared to take him the allergist for the same reason. The child will freak his freak out and it will NOT be fun. (I scheduled an appointment once before and once they told me it would be TWO HOURS, I canceled) Simon will have them too, I am sure... the dermatologist I took Ben to last year for his excema assured me of that... something about parental allergies and excema and genetics yada blah blah... (sigh)