Sunday, April 06, 2008

Less than 2 months....

until the big day for these two:

The shower went off without a hitch and everyone seemed to enjoy the exquisite Pan-Asian food that my sister prepared. Veggie sushi, Thai spring rolls, citrus miso salmon...oh my! And Jackie, our other hostess, brought the most beautiful Asian decor and plates/chopsticks/favors! We really did well pulling off this Asian theme! (Feel free to steal the idea but I must say, be sure to have an amazing chef on hand for some of the more delicate dishes - which were complimented by the more familiar chicken eggrolls, potstickers, edamame and teriyaki meatballs...)

K & K got lots of good loot and are on their way to having enough place settings to actually feed more than just themselves! Of course, as they were opening gifts, Bryce decided he really wanted Kelly to play with HIM - you see, Bryce has quite a crush on his Aunt Kelly and pretty much attempts to monopolize her any chance he gets when she's around. We joke that HE'S going to be the one who objects to the couple getting married at the ceremony!! Caroline had a ball too since Zoe was there and the 4/5 year old set found plenty of things to keep them busy. And what a treat to see Miss Zoe two days in a row!

So I'm bushed and not quite ready for another week of work, but such is life when you're saving up your vacation/sick time for maternity leave. You just go to work because staying home with the kids would probably leave me even more drained.

And a big thanks to my mom for letting us host the event at her house since she has such a wonderful home that is so spacious and wonderful for entertaining. That and the fact that I didn't have to keep my house clean for a house full of guests. Whew! That made a HUGE difference!

Oh and here's a cute pic of Kevin, Chrissa and me - we have so few sibling photos as adults:

Happy Shower Day K&K!


BJ said...

Sounds like the party was fabulous and the food sounds wonderful to. I love that type of food:>! You had one busy weekend.

viv said...

So your kids will have 2 Aunt Kellys - funny!

Love the Asian theme too! I wish I had something coming up so I could steal it! And your Mom's house is good for entertaining - I keep trying to talk my parents into doing what yours did and open up the kitchen - we'll see :)

Cute pic of the 3 of you - love your top and your sis's dress - I love anything pink!

And too bad the weather people were all wrong and it was rainy/cloudy for the shower - hope you weren't planning on being outside.

Katie said...

Looks like a lot of fun!