Monday, April 28, 2008

The Latest Plague Casualty

My poor MIL, Sandy! She came down on Friday and helped us out by watching the kids so Jason and I could each get back to work and it seems she's contracted this nasty stomach virus. I had really hoped her chances of getting it were low since neither child was throwing up and Bryce was just having diarrhea which was MUCH more contained than vomitting. I had also wiped down any and all surfaces in the house with disinfectant(especially door knobs, bathroom fixtures, and virutally anything you touch w/o thinking about it) hoping it would kill that nasty virus. But, unfortunately, she woke up sick in the wee hours of Sunday morning. Jason talked to her last night and she said she's on the mend, but I know that it takes a few days to really work this out of your system.

We both feel terrible that she got caught in the crossfire of this nastiness! But this virus continues to baffle us from the way it manifests so differently in everyone to how it seems to be extremely contagious yet my parents never got it nor did my future sister in law. WEIRD! Of course, my MIL works in a job that manages a lot of people and touching things, so it could have come from there or anywhere since it's clearly going around, but it likely came from our unfortunate address.

So, Sandy, I hope you are feeling better and can take it easy this week!! We truly appreciated you coming down on Friday and we know the kids always enjoy your visits.

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