Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Just Like Her Big Sister & Big Brother

Just back from my 24 week checkup. Nothing exciting and as far as OB appointments go, that's just fine with me. But, for the first time, I am measuring ahead. 2 weeks ahead to be exact. So dear daughter #2 is on track to keep up with her older siblings. I'm not surprised. The doctor wasn't surprised. She giggled and said, "Well, we'll give you the option to induce again at 39 weeks so you don't end up giving birth to a toddler." I should hope not. But I can do 9lbs and some change again. I've done it before and as long as she comes out healthy, I'm okay with that. I don't think I'd know what to do with a 7lb baby. Both my kids have basically gone right into size 1 diapers and blew the newborn ones away in the hospital. Not that they were fat - just long and SOLID. You'd think at 9lbs they would be chunky monkeys, but they really weren't and they certainly didn't keep up with that headstart since they're both fairly average in height and weight now. I learned too not to even bother buying any of that "newborn" sized stuff since they end up wearing it for about a week. (Both kids were very good nursers too!) So 0-3 months is where we start. Yahoo!

Oh and I also mentioned to the doctor that I started taking an iron supplement about 4 weeks ago since I was feeling the early signs of anemia and I know that I always have come back anemic when they check me at the beginning of the 3rd trimester. She said, "Yeah, that was a good idea since you always start out just fine and these kids just completely drain you." Little parasites.... My body is VERY good at providing for these little ones and figures it will take care of me later. Hopefully, I got a leg up this time though.

She's really been kicking the heck out of me too and I suspect she's head down now since I've been getting some VERY hard and consistent thumps at the top of my belly. I can't imagine those are her arms.

Next up? The good old glucose tolerance test. Blech. So far I've always passed it and I hope that trend continues. And then I'll have my last 4 week interval appointment and then it's onto every 2 weeks. I don't mind the appointment, it's just the waiting part when I know I have to go into work afterwards. I've tried going in the afternoons before and that's something I won't do again since they are usually backed up even more. At least this morning they got me in fairly quickly. I guess 8:45am appointments aren't exactly being fought over by many patients and that's the way I like it!

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H. said...

...I wouldn't know how to start out with a 9lb. baby! Gretchen was TWO months old before she weighed that much! The newborn sizes hung on her and we had to send my sister out to get preemie clothes! Crazy, huh? Don't get me wrong, just because she was 5lbs. and change at birth she did not just "slide" out! Ha!