Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Head Down

Just back from my regular OB checkup and it seems that my little girl is in the head down position!! Woo hoo! I was pretty sure she was based on the fact that the harder thumps are up at the top (feet/knees) and the fluttery feelings are down low (hands). Marge, the midwife, agreed and says that I'm measuring right at 28 weeks again, so no HUGE grown spurt. Whew! Although I believe from the last two pregnancies I didn't start to really get ahead until near the end so I won't be convinced I'm not having another 9lb baby for a while yet. Oh and heartbeat was in the 140's but it was funny because the med tech must have put the probe right on her little back because it was soooooo loud and I've never heard it that loud before, so she clearly got the right spot. It was kind of nice.

I'll go for my thrilling glucose test later this week too. I was supposed to go last week but thanks to the nasty virus, I had to postpone that. Hopefully I'll have my 3rd passing score on that one.

The thing that ticked me off though was they said I gained 8lbs this time. Um, no, I did not. YOU wrote it down WRONG last time. The reason I know this is that I am keeping track at home. A pregnant woman does not want to hear she gained 8lbs in 4 weeks when she KNOWS she did not. I know I once gained 5lbs in one week but that was at the end of my pregnancy when I had clearly started swelling so it was all water weight. But given how sick I was last week and what I know my scale said 4 weeks ago and what it said the other day, I know 8lbs was not what I gained. But even w/ that supposed gain, the midwife was not concerned. Turns out, according to my home scale, I am now officially up to the weight I was before my weight loss (pre pregnancy), so kind of weird to know I was carrying this much weight around last summer and now I'm there again but at 28 weeks pregnant. I'm so glad I wasn't starting there again!!!

So my next appointment is in TWO WEEKS! Ack! At least I'm still able to get one of the first appointments of the morning. It's kind of nice coming in a little late to work since it makes the day just fly by. And now baby girl is in there kicking the crap out of my belly behind my belly button and making me cringe b/c it HURTS. It's so sensitive right now. Down baby, down!

Finally, I had the most realistic dream last night that I'd given birth to her. For some reason I drove myself to the wrong hospital and just went in and had her without any pain. (Jason didn't even take off work!) But, she was just so cute and I couldn't wait to show her to everyone. I wanted to mobile blog it (which I plan to do) but I couldn't get in touch with our parents and thought it would be rude to announce her name/arrival on my blog before getting in touch w/ the grandparents. :) I guess I'm having some anxiety about that??? Oh and I got the name right in my dream too and it completely fit her, so I think that's a sign.

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