Saturday, April 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!

Just wanted to wish my Daddy-O a big Happy 58th Birthday! He started the day with 9 holes of golf and this evening we're going over there to hang out and eat delicious things my mother has prepared. He certainly got a lovely day for a birthday, huh?


Katie said...

What a young guy your dad is!

Erika said...

He'd love to hear someone say that!

Jay's parents are both only turning 54 next month!! Jay likes to joke that when his mom was 32 like he is now, he was 11 years old!!!!!!

Katie said...

My mom will be 64 in August. L's mother will be 65 in December and L's dad just turned 70!

Viv said...

My Mom will be 54 is November, my Dad will be 66 in November, J's Mom will be 58 in September and J's Dad just turned 59 last week.

I couldn't imagine having an 11 year old right now!