Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Girl's Right to Socks

Miss Caroline has always been a colorful dresser and the older she gets the more autonomy she shows in the outfits she selects every morning. Not only does the outfit need to be comfy, but they also must be colorful and this goes all the way down to her socks. I swear, I think she wears the same 5 pair of socks over and over because they are her favorite but if you saw her sock drawer you'd know she has LOTS of socks but a majority of them are (gasp) white! Her favorites right now are the pair pictured to the left that I believe are Christmas socks in the colors of green and red, but she also loves her Valentine's red and pink heart socks, and her Easter Tweety socks. Today she had to settle for some plain bright pink ones, but at least they were colored, right? The outfit pictured to the left was Monday's outfit and I must say, it was probably one of her most colorful yet. She really outdid herself in picking some of the most clashing pieces in her wardrobe. But as long as it means there is no drama when getting dressed, I really couldn't care any less - especially when there's no reason she needs to look particularly polished. And often, if I tell her that she's going somewhere and needs to look a little nicer she will cooperate with me and let me help her pick out a matching outfit. This morning she even asked for a little barrette in her hair on one side. (She will only wear one TINY barrette on one side these days thanks to her obsession with the movie Snow Buddies and the little dog Rosebud always wearing a bow in one of her ears. She even told my mom that she'd consent to wearing one barrette/bow in her hair on that side for the wedding. This is a BIG deal because she really does not like to have her hair messed with.

But she did take a few minutes last night to change into a more coordinated outfit because she decided it was concert time and she was going to put on a show for Bryce and me. Here she is making her big entrance and is about to dance and sing her version of Sheryl Crow's "Real Gone" from Cars. She loves that song and while she's picked up a few lines from it, she kind of mushes them all together and makes up her own version.

She just looks so grown up in this picture and I noticed the other day how skinny her legs are now. When did this happen? She's really turning into such a big girl and I can see that the baby is almost all out of her now. We spend a lot of time looking at her photo albums and it's just so hard for me to believe sometimes that this was my baby. She just makes me so proud with what she's capable of and how much she's thinking about things and processing them. Just last week we found out that all of a sudden, she knows how to pedal! She's had a tricycle since she turned 2 but has had very little interest in it. Even last summer we tried to teach her to pedal and she tried and gave up quickly. So when Jason brought it up from the basement you can imagine our delight to see her just sit down and pedal away. I knew it was just something developmental and something she needed to have an interest in. I think she might be ready for her first big kid bike which might be making an apperance this summer if we can find a decent used one since they grow out of them so fast and I refuse to make her wait till her birthday in December. I mean, who wants to be outside in December?

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Katie said...

I'm excited to hear that C can pedal now. Emily is in the stage where she shows little interest in bikes and trikes!