Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Fresh Air & Dandifines

Wow, wasn't this afternoon amazing? Breezy? Maybe a little bit but over 70 degrees and just lovely. Kind of made up for the horrible traffic and rainy, gray weather of this morning's commute. I had a few extra minutes this morning because my ILs were coming to watch the kids so I was able to throw something into the crockpot for dinner. Sure, it might have been a good night to grill, but because dinner was already made when I got home, that meant extra outdoor playtime after dinner!!

We ran around with the kids for well over an hour and took a decent walk around the neighborhood. Although I must say, after a rousing game of tag and some "kick ball," I could feel how loose every ligament in my body has become and felt like my belly might just flop off. But hopefully, with more nice evenings like this on the horizon, I won't languish into the latter part of my pregnancy. I thought our walk would take forever when it started out with Caroline wanting to pick every single "dandifine" that she saw. And it wasn't until then that I realized that "dandifines" are how she refers to dandelions and it makes her little "dandifine" song that she wrote and sings quite often, even cuter. But after a short distance, I convinced her to let the dandifines stay in the ground and grow some more. Of course, she did manage to stash several of them in her pants pocket and since I did her laundry tonight, I found 3 dandifines in my washer. At least they didn't make it to the dryer. Or at least I hope none did. (They're still drying.)

And it was just so nice to have the windows open and to get the stale air out and fresh air in - and thanks to Bryce's meds, he didn't seem at all phased by it! The only downside was that Caroline refused a nap for the second day in a row (Bryce did take one, thankfully) and her bath/bedtime routine was again out of whack. It always starts with blatant disobedience/ignoring directions which always turns it into a cry-fest when she finds out what her consequences are for not following directions. And because she's so tired, she has no ability to control her emotions. Fortunately, we got her to calm down and she managed to get ready for bed in time for a quick game of "Grumpy Old Troll" and then she and Bryce went to bed AND sleep without a PEEP! I give all the credit to the fresh air. I'm sure I'll even sleep better tonight thanks to a healthy dose!

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BJ said...

There is just something about the fresh warm air! I know what you mean.