Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Feeling Like the Weather

Ick. Another gray and cold day. And honestly, that is about how I feel. Just ick. I slept badly last night and kept waking up for no reason - having a weird tortured dream about vacationing with Jason in northern Sweden. Weird. Pregnancy dreams are so odd. So I'm tired and fatigued and then my stomach just hasn't felt right the past 2 days and now that I'm at work, I keep having dizzy spells when I'm just sitting here at my desk. Maybe it's something viral. All I know is that I sure could benefit from a 70 degree day and sitting in the sun for a while. Not like THAT is going to happen soon. (Yeah, I'm bitching about the weather again. It's my right, it's April and it feels like early March.)

And I had a tiresome evening last night since Jay had a meeting at 8pm and left just after we got the kids bathed and ready for storytime. I read the kids 3 books and as soon as we finished, Bryce realized Jason had left and he started SOBBING. I'm talking, huge tears and he could barely catch his breath. I felt terrible for him. I finally got him calmed down and then laid down with Caroline for a few minutes (she expected equal treatment) and then thought things were okay. Nope. Bryce started crying for Jason again and was even MORE upset. Again, I laid down with him and rubbed his back. (I never do this since I know it sets up a precedent so he clearly was very out of sorts or I wouldn't have....) He kept fighting sleep and everytime I stopped rubbing his back he would cling onto me and ask me to rub his back again. Of course, during this time, Caroline knew I was otherwise engaged and took it upon herself to go down and find her Vsmile camera and started playing with it. I heard the familiar sounds coming from her room and was able to get away from Bryce's grip to investigate. When I confronted her, she swore it had been sitting on her bookshelf which I knew was a lie since I had put it away myself that evening in the playroom. So, a big fat lie from Miss C and the camera was taken away. Then she decided to keep getting out of bed and I kept putting her back Supernanny style and she was laughing hysterically each time I did it even though I didn't smile or give her eye contact. Finally, I pulled out the big guns and silently took her blue orb nightlight and walked out. That got her her upset and she knew I meant business and she stayed in bed until she heard Jason come home at which point he got her back in bed for good. The good part about me managing Caroline was that Bryce knew I was right there and he went to sleep. Although I felt bad for him this morning waking up and Jason had already left again.

I'm sure lifting a 35lb kid back into bed about 20 times was not exactly the best thing for me right now. Remind me how I'm going to manage 3 kids???? At least I won't be pregnant, right?


Katie said...

I hate this weather too. ;-(

Heather said...

Saturday was a great day, but ever since then it's been crap!
BTW, my due date is the 18th.

Erika said...

So we ARE on baby watch, Heather! You must be sooooo done! Anticipating baby #1 is probably the LONGEST too!

It's supposed to get nicer later this week, but then it's going to get cool again. Wake me when it's June.