Monday, April 28, 2008

Feel Better - It's the Worst Allergy Season EVER

Just in case you hadn't noticed, check this link out:

It's the WORST allergy season EVER!

I know so many people who are suffering right now and many are really having issues for the first time or at least issues that are bothersome for the first time. And it's no wonder. Many theorize it's our more mild winters and the effect of global warming. Who knows? But, definitely time to get checked out b/c who knows what lies ahead.

Although I must say, thanks to Jason's allergy treatments as of late, he has been minimally affected this year. He's been on his allergy shots for months now, taking his meds diligently and doing his daily sinus rinse. Usually he's the one demanding we turn on the A/C in April and this year he hasn't even minded sleeping with the windows open. So I'd say that's a sure sign that his allergy therapy is working!!! Gives me hope for Bryce in the future and anyone else willing to go the extra step to be treated diligently for seasonal allergies.

At least it's raining today which helps some with the pollen count and within a few weeks the peak will be over and we can all breathe a little easier.

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