Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Eye Color

Katie asked if I'd done this yet for #3 and I hadn't, so I thought I'd give it a whirl. My MIL is convinced that this little girl will have brown eyes, like me. She's also correctly predicted the gender on all three kids very early on - in fact, she predicted Bryce's gender before we even told her I was pregnant again.

The only thing I'm not sure about is my dad's eye color. They are kind of gray now. I guess when he was younger they used to be blue or maybe a hazelish green?

According to the calculator if I say my dad has blue eyes:

40% chance of blue
10% chance of green
50% chance of brown

But if I say he has green eyes:

27.5% chance of blue
22.5% chance of green
50% chance of brown

I guess we've already beaten the odds a little bit given we already have two VERY blue eyed children so a brown eyed baby shouldn't come as a surprise. Not that I really care - I think brown eyes are beautiful too. But I would be willing to bet money on the fact that we'll have another blonde baby - even if she doesn't stay blonde, I know she'll start out that way. It's just in the genes!


Katie said...

I'm rooting for a brown-eyed girl too (not that another blue-eyed wouldn't be great too!), just that it would be a fun twist for you guys!

I love that Emily has brown like me and Lucy has blue like L. I joke that we have to try again to get a green-eyed baby so we have a complete set. Our odds for green-eyed are stronger than for blue-eyed, but who knows.

It seems like there are some strong blond hair/blue eyed genes in you & Jay's family though.

I guess you got brown eyes from your Mom?

Anonymous said...

I think baby girl "Beatrice" will have brown eyes and curly blonde hair! Lordy, she'll think she's adopted like Chrissa use to think (of course after her big sister and little brother told her that!!)

Erika said...

FTR, "Beatrice" is my mom's pet name for baby #3 until she learns her real name. :)

Erika said...

Oh and yep, I got the brown eyes from my mom and her side of the family. And there is a very strong possibility that this baby could have curly hair. My mom is naturally (very) curly, my sister's is very wavy, and my SIL's is quite curly too. Although my sister's hair didn't get wavy until she turned 12.

Viv said...

I did this just for kicks, and of course it said J & I would have 100% chance of having blue eyed kids (which I already new and which we already do) I just wanted to play too :)

And who knows maybe Caroline's hair will change to curly.

And I like Beatrice as a pet name, but I can't wait to hear the real name - 80 days to go!