Thursday, April 10, 2008


I had already planned to be off today because my daycare provider needed the day off so we decided to visit the daycare/preschool that we were interested in for Caroline in the fall. (We need a combined daycare/preschool since she'd need all day care and most preschools are only partial day programs where you provide the transportation - something we can't do with us both working full time.) As luck would have it, there is a little place not too far from us and that is reasonable and works within the hours we need. Now, it's nothing fancy or groundbreaking, but it's clean and it will give Caroline a structured preschool program with kids her own age. While preschool is not required, I just can't see sending her to kindergarten in Fall 09 without ever having been in a classroom setting - especially since kindergarten is now a full day program. We were both happy with what we saw/heard and so it looks like we'll be starting her in mid-August since we have a family vacation planned in early September and I want to get her in a few weeks before we rip her out of the schedule again. So one big CHECK off my list of things to do before #3 arrives. WHEW! (Oh and while I did like the program offered where I work, it would have just been too expsensive considering we'll have 3 kids with weekly daycare bills and I wasn't so sure about having her commute with me every morning.)

So since we were all up and at 'em at 10:30 (and Jay was going into work), we decided to take a little trip over to Storyville at the Rosedale Public Library. (The weather was still iffy at this point and the ground was pretty muddy.) I'd heard good things about it and seen pics, so we were all very excited. Just as we pulled up, my neighbor who has a 3 year old pulled up at the same time. The kids LOVED it and got right into the grocery store but after a little while of that, Bryce started acting funny. He wanted to be held and he was sooo quiet. He felt a little warm, so I gave him a dose of motrin and while Caroline played, Bryce passed out on my lap. Clearly this little guy was NOT feeling well. This place would have thrilled him any other time so I felt bad because I wasn't able to really play with Caroline and Bryce was feeling rotten. I guess the only good thing was that by noon, pulling her away from it all wasn't so bad. And we'll definitely have to go back soon - in fact, I'm sure that my mom or my IL's would have a ball with them there too.

So we came home and Bryce pepped up a little and we had lunch and now I'm praying they will actually go to sleep since I told them we can play outside when they wake up. The sun feels so good and I need a good dose of vitamin D. I just hope Bryce is feeilng up to it. I really suspect his 2 year old molars being the culprit since he is 2 1/2 and he's been gnawing on his fingers lately - something he never does. Plus, he's had off/on flushed cheeks and a low grade fever. He told me at lunch that his head hurt at the library though, so who knows.

Now to use the quiet time to do some laundry and a few other chores that have been bugging me. Enjoy our one day of spring b/c I hear it won't last long. sigh

ETA: I wanted to share this picture too b/c I was so excited to watch Caroline in the "kitchen" at Storyville - she put on the rubber gloves, picked up the scrub brush and proceeded to scrub all around and in the sink. Now THAT'S my girl!!!!! She's really been watching me lately - let's hope THIS rubs off on her. I'd love a little cleaning buddy.


viv said...

I knew you would LOVE Storyville! Too bad B wasn't feeling up to it cause he would have liked the constuction area. You'll have to go back!

Enjoy the sunny afternoon :)

BJ said...

Looks like you guys enjoyed yourself, but hopefully you can get back so Bryce can enjoy it more.

Anonymous said...

I want to arrange a time to take them to Storyville as it looks great and I'd love to see the 2 of them participating. I feel a sick day coming on??????

Katie said...

That place looks so cool! Hope you had a fun day together!