Friday, April 25, 2008

Brycey Red-Bottom

Oh poor Brycey! The poor kid is STILL pooping up a storm. You have NO idea how many diapers we've been through the past 3 days. Up until this morning, he'd been doing okay in terms of his skin tolerating the diarrhea and constant cleanup, but he must have gone in his sleep b/c when I found him at 7:15 this morning with poop all over his lower half, his poor skin on his bum and lower back was sooooooo red and rashy! So I slathered on the A&D Ointment which was always a cure all for Caroline's bad bum rashes and hoped for the best.

When I talked to my MIL at 11ish, she said she'd changed him 4 times which I told her was a vast improvement over the day before. Well, it must have picked up again. I got home at 5pm and in 40 minutes, Jason and I changed him a total of 4 times. And his poor butt just continued to get redder.

So we started using just warm water and paper towels to blot him instead of the wipes and then after a nice bath, we put on a LOT of Balmex/Desitin zinc junk. Of course, about 10 minutes later, he'd gone AGAIN. So instead of doing any wiping, we just stripped him and stood him in the tub and hosed him off. By some miracle the rashiness already looked a tiny bit better. So we slathered him up again with the zinc ointment and got him to bed.

While we don't like the diarrhea and are concerned, he's hydrated. I talked to our doctor who agreed that there is a LOT of this going around and that he's found that the littler kids are holding onto the diarrhea a bit longer than older folks. So he said as long as he continues drinking just to wait it out b/c he'll likely improve soon and there's nothing you can really give to a little kid for diarrhea.

Oh and to add insult to injury, you should see how red his eyes and feet are! The allergy meds are working but when you're outside touching things and RUBBING pollen into your eyes, they can't do as much as needed. And last night, he was running around on the deck barefoot and he has all these little red abrasion looking things on his feet and toes from where the pollen came in contact with a little bit of broken skin. (Kind of like an allergy skin test!) So we're back to making sure he's always wearing socks and shoes (no sandals) outside until this peak pollen time passes. At least we know that once this intense part is over he's fine b/c he's got 2 really cool pair of sandals to do some damage in this summer.

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Viv said...

Try Boudreaux’s Butt Paste - it works much butter than A&D and Balmex. I've also seen ads for TRIPLE PASTE® MEDICATED OINTMENT, but have not used it yet.

Hope B is back to normal soon!

And I was just watching on the news about the very unsually high pollen count for late April - as if you didn't already know!