Thursday, April 03, 2008

Attention Mother Nature!

It's April 3. Yes, you read that correctly. APRIL FREAKING THIRD. Why oh why was it 36 degrees when I left my house this morning? It was COLD COLD COLD. And breezy. I was wishing I had my scarf as I walked from my car to my office building. In APRIL????? C'mon! All the flowering trees are so pretty with their white and pink buds and I'm seeing daffodils everywhere. They know it's spring. Why don't you? Catch up! My kids were so confused yesterday because they had to put coats on. They said, "But mommy, it's warm out. We didn't need coats yesterday." Yeah, so as an April Fools joke you made it 75 degrees, I see how it is.

I fully expect an improvement in the weather within the next few days or I'm going to your boss.

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BJ said...

Yikes! bundle up! I will hope for warmer weather for you:>