Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Moon at the Shower

Caroline and I attended another bridal shower for my future sister in law, Kelly today a few minutes from our house. My mom was there but other than Kelly and her immediate family, I really didn't know anyone. They had it at a small hall in an apartment complex that had a whole wall of windows by the entrance (I'll get to why this is important later.).

Anyway, Caroline was the only kid there so I think she was a little bored. She ventured around the hall and could be seen exploring and doing a little dancing/singing for a bit. Then she decided to venture outside, which was fine with me since my mom and I were sitting near the windows and could see her outside. The first funny thing she did was she noticed that there were some mounds in the flowerbeds of mulch and she came in to get my mom to ask her if she thought some dead people were buried there. But overall, she was being good.

Then, as Kelly was opening her gifts, I did my usual glance every minute or so to see what she was doing and there was Caroline standing with her back to me, her pants halfway down her butt, and she was kind of looking over her shoulder wiggling her butt. Well, I let out a gasp and started laughing. Laughing so hard, I had tears running down my face in seconds. My mom saw it too and we pretty much had the same reaction except since she was closer to the door, she ran out to get her to stop. Most people in the room didn't see it but I was still extremely embarassed and wondering what kind of mother people must think of me. Anyway, my mom comes back in and sits down and she barely sat down and guess who was at it AGAIN???? And more people were watching this time.... Again, I can't get this smile off my face b/c I'm just shocked that she would do that and I'm also laughing at the whole situation. (Thank goodness Kelly and her family aren't stuffy people!) So my mom runs out again and I went along this time too but I took Caroline by the hand and we walked out where no one could see us and we had a good talk about privacy and keeping body parts covered when you weren't at home.

So, we walk back toward the room and she goes to do the SAME thing, but this time she doesn't even mess w/ her pants - she just stands there, wiggles her butt, and looks at it over her shoulder. And then, I figured it out. She wasn't trying to moon the whole party! She had just been "experimenting" to look at herself in the reflection in the glass shaking her [naked] butt w/o even thinking about the fact that the entire shower was sitting there and taking in the show.

Needless to say, I gathered Caroline up and we left a short bit later because I didn't want to see what else her boredom would produce. I'm sure EVERYONE will be watching to see what she'll be doing at the wedding. I hope someone will be able to keep her occupied so she doesn't do anymore naked experimenting.


Viv said...

That made me laugh so hard! I actually had to read it to Jay since I can totally see one of my girls doing that in the future! Too bad you did snap a pic of it to remember the funny moment!

H. said...

THAT IS HYSTERICAL! Caroline will be hearing about that one forever!