Sunday, April 27, 2008

9th Grade

Viv posted this on her myspace and I thought I'd give it a go. Honestly, 9th grade is only a slight improvement over middle school which I shudder to think about. Not that high school was terrible, but 9th grade was probably the most trying and it got better from there. Not that I'd want to go back.....

Who was your best friend?
Melissa C. (whew, it HAS been a long time.....) and probably Laura C.

- Who did you go out with?
no one - no boyfriends till I was in 10th grade

- Did you have a crush on anyone?
A few, namely some skinny blonde kid named Jason.

- What sports did you play?
None - I was not the athletic type.

- Did you buy your lunch?
Sometimes but it's funny b/c this was the first year I EVER bought my lunch. Never in elementary/middle school. I got it out of my system that year and general I brought it from home.

- Did you skip?

- Did you get suspended/expelled?
No freaking way.

- Were you in any fist fights?
No but I saw a few - one where a girl got her shirt ripped off and continued fighting the other girl in just her bra. It was hilarious.

- What was your favorite class?
Probably English and Biology

- What was your school's name?
Kenwood High School

- If you could go back would you?
Heck no.

- Where did you sit at lunch?
I ended up sitting with Melissa and a few other people - it was kind of a hodgepodge and not fun until the next year.

- Was there a smoking lounge?

- Who was your science teacher?
Ms. Galloway-Briggs - she was excellent.

- Who was your English teacher?
Ms. Hamilton (same as 12th)

- Did you think you were cool?
Hardly - I knew I wasn't a loser or a freak, but I didn't exactly fall into the cool kid group.

-Describe your outfits in ninth grade?
jeans and probably a cute button down shirt or cotton long sleeve shirt (cute for 1990)

- What's your most memorable moment?
Dissection unit in Biology. I loved that!

- What were your least favorite memories?
Just feeling awkward and dealing with stupid drama girl issues.

- What were your best accomplishments?
Getting good grades and getting involved in different activities

- What action do you regret the most?
Probably always putting up with people's B.S.

- What did you spend the most time doing on weekends?
At home with my family

- Did you make any lifelong friendships?
Hardly. Obviously, I'm still friends with Jason (duh) and we're in touch w/ his friends that go all the way back to 9th grade and before, but I am really not friends with any of the girls except for occassional hellos/emails. I just never really clicked w/ anyone due to stupid drama and boy problems that I had no interest in.

- Got invited to any proms?
No - I didn't really know any juniors or seniors.

- How many years ago was this for you to remember back to?
18 years. Geez.

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Viv said...

Makes you feel old to think back doesn't it!

Glad you got to feel like me - old all of a sudden! ;)