Friday, April 18, 2008

12 weeks and counting

Well folks, it seems the 3rd trimester is upon us. And while technically it is 13 weeks long, I know I likely will not be going much past 39 weeks - hence 12 weeks. Oh man, there are so many things that we have to do. Let's see....

1. Clean out the nursery! It's started to "catch" things lately and none of the crib bedding has been washed because we are still using it as a threat to Bryce when he's having big boy bed issues. He hasn't slept in there in months but he's had a few minutes here and there back in the crib to let him know we mean business. Plus, we use the glider in there ALL.THE.TIME. for upstairs timeouts. And don't get me started on how dusty it is and how much we need to clean the closet out.

2. Go through baby clothes! I really don't know what I need. Crap. My mom has asked and my MIL has asked and I keep giving the same answer - until I go through my baby stuff, I don't know. Both grammies have already bought a few cute, summery things for her but until I give the word, I know they are holding back. I HAVE to do this soon. And I don't know why I'm putting it off, I know how much I'll enjoy going through Caroline's old clothes. Although I'm sure I'll end up crying too b/c lately when I notice something of Bryce's doesn't fit him anymore, I get sad b/c I won't be putting them on any more little boys of mine. Damn hormones.....told you I would have been happy no matter what gender this baby turned out to be.

3. Get last few baby gear items - I'm doing okay with this, but I still have things I need to get. But that would involve going into my basement as well and going through stuff. Not like I don't have other things to do, right??

4. Work with Jason to refashion/redirect our family's website to this URL and combine it with the blog in some sort and add a password.

I won't even go into all the stuff Jason has on his self-made to do list...poor guy!

But I do have to say, I'm sooooooo glad the weather has improved. I was starting to get a little worried on the clothing front. Although I have already tried on 3 pieces of clothing that I have grown out of before I even got to wear them this pregnancy. But seeing how I was just in my 2nd trimester with Caroline in the summer and 6 weeks behind where I am now with Bryce, it makes sense. Although it needs to stay warm so I can start my regular rotation of my maternity dresses which I refuse to wear with any kind of hosiery. At least my handy dandy Mary Jane Crocs are already wearing quite well. They should be great through the swollen feet period that I know is coming.

I guess the last thing I need to prepare myself for is the changes that are coming. I guess after having over 2 1/2 years as a family of four, I'm realizing how in a groove we've gotten. I remember after Bryce was born how differently I perceived Caroline as the older child and that she'd suddenly grown up (at only 21 months, as if!). And now I am realizing that my baby, Bryce, will no longer feel like my baby anymore and that makes me sad. I know he's going on 3 but I guess because he is my youngest right now, he still feels like such a baby to me. Makes me wonder how long this baby will feel like my baby....probably her WHOLE life - poor kid. And this evening as the four of us took a walk together, I just enjoyed walking with Bryce and holding his little hand and hope that his time as my youngest has been enough for him. Not that I'm sending him out into the world or anything but I just worry that being the middle child now will be hard on him. Of course Bryce is usually the child that will never let you forget he's around so I'm hoping he'll continue that after his little sister is here. And then Caroline, I just hope that she enjoys her role as the BIG sister as much as she thinks she will. She was so excited this evening when we were trying on her summer clothes from last year and when something didn't fit we happily put it aside for the baby when she gets bigger. I worry that my darling first child, who rarely asks for attention, but needs it just as much, won't feel like she's forgotten either. She's not always a kid who seeks out physical touch, but we make sure every day that she gets more than her daily dose of it - even if she pretends she doesn't want it.

So yes, there are things to be done and things to prepare for. But I keep reassuring myself that this time next year we won't be able to imagine ourselves as anything but a family of five and this new little person who has joined us was always destined to complete our family. I remember feeling like this before Bryce was born too so I don't have quite as much anxiety about it now as I did then. And while I'm not trying to rush the next 12 weeks, I am looking forward to actually meeting this little girl and having her become a reality instead of some little bugger who is always kicking me when I try to go to sleep. And that first three sibling photo?? Now that's what I REALLY can't wait for. I'm going to need to buy a frame! (add that to the list!)


Erin said...

Awwww.... I hear ya about going through the baby clothes. I get misty every SEASON when I have to put away a batch. At this point, pretty all my baby clothes have been worn by both boys, they've worn the same clothes in pictures, for holidays.. SO much sentimenal value attached to them, it's ridiculous. And as I put them away, not knowing if the next baby will a boy or a girl, I get SO sad thinking it may be the last time they were worn by one of my babies... :( (one of the many things that has me rooting for a third boy)

BJ said...

I am the youngest of three and to your question...this one will always be your baby. My mom still calls me Bracken Baby and I am 31!!!!

Katie said...

Add "getting together with the D family" to your list of things to do before baby come please!!! We miss you guys! Emily talks about Bryce a lot and also about Jason (it's the hair thing ;-).

Oh, and I have a few special summer newborn outfits that are so cute if you wanted to borrow. Lucy only wore some of them once or twice, but I couldn't resist the purchase (darn Gymboree).

I love, love, love when Lucy wears one of Emily's old outfits. It makes me want to have another girl just so the adorable outfits can get worn just one more time!

Erika said...

Yes K, we DO need to hook up again. Caroline asks what Emily is doing all the time. (Good thing I read your blog to keep her updated....) Maybe we can do another Ft. McHenry trip????? Or we'd love to have you all up here and the kids can play outside on the playground!

Katie said...

I have a funny "Emilyism" RE backyard playgrounds-- when she sees an ad or commercial for one she says "oh no, our yard is too small for that. We have to make friends with someone who has one."