Thursday, March 06, 2008

Vitamin "C"

Miracle of miracles, Caroline is interested in some fruit. As a baby, she was fine with strained fruits but as soon as we tried to introduce any kind of fruits as chunks, she'd spit them out. Clearly a texture thing because she's continued to eat all kinds of fruit sauces but just NOTHING with fruit bits - even yogurt with fruit bits is out. Aside from sauces, the only other fruit she'll touch are raisins.

So you can imagine my surprise when she all of a sudden had some interest in oranges. I was eating one and she wanted to taste so I peeled off some of the white membrane stuff and she sucked on it. Ever since then, she tells everyone she loves oranges.

Then on Tuesday, either she convinced my MIL or my MIL offered it, but an orange was cut up in chunks with the skin still on. Well, that went over VERY well and she couldn't wait to get home from her haircut to "eat" her leftover oranges. Of course, what eating an orange is to her, is different from you and me. She basically just bites her teeth into it and sucks out the juice, which I've told her is a lot like the way her Uncle Kevin eats oranges because he likes the taste but doesn't like the texture of all the other stuff.

So she'll sit and suck on oranges now and even ask for them to be cut up for her. And yesterday my mom talked to her about how great it was that she likes them and how much Vitamin C there is in an orange and how it will help to keep her from getting sick. So this morning she sat with me at breakfast and wrote a little song about Vitamin C and how her name started with C. I thought it was pretty cute. Maybe she'll progress to actually eating a bit of fruit someday. A mom can dream, can't she?

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