Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Tired Tuesday

Blech. So not only am I drained again, but I feel nauseous this morning. Sweet. I even caved and sipped a Coke Zero on my way to work. Ick. NOT my beverage of choice in the AM but it's what got me through my 3rd trimester nausea with Bryce. I'm thinking it's just a flukey thing. And while it is nice and mild outside, it's gray and that definitely has an effect on my mood/energy level.

But, both kids were up before 6am. Thankfully, the main reason they get up that early is to see Jason and they went right down to see him. Since my ILs watch the kids on Tuesdays, I had a few extra minutes in bed. So when 6:30 came around, Mr. Sunshine (aka Bryce) came in to greet me and this is what happened.

"HI MOM!" (He always calls us mom and dad now - even though Caroline is still calling us mommy and daddy.)

He stood up on my step stool next to my bed and greeted me and then saw my belly peeking out. At which point he hoists himself up a little bit and kisses my belly. Then he says, "I'm coming up!" and crawls up in bed with me.

Once he gets over me, he spies my belly again, lays his head on it, kisses it and says, "Baby sister in there?"

"Well, Bryce, mommy has to get up!"

"Okay!" and while I start gathering my clothes to take into the bathroom, he's already in the bathroom. As soon as I walk in, there he is, standing next to the toilet and he proudly says, "I opened it for you!" (B/c you know how hard that is.)

Then I go and turn on the shower.

"Mom! Gotta take your clothes off to get in the shower." (Again, I'm glad he was there, because you know how easy it is to get into the shower w/ your clothes on.)

So once I finally get into the shower, he walks around the bathroom serenading me and pushing the stool- which drives me CRAZY. He occassionally stops to push his nose up against the glass and kiss me.

Finally, I get out and he's happy I'm done and he abandons me to go back downstairs and watch TV with Caroline.

He's a busy kid.


Viv said...

You know Makenzie started calling us Mom & Dad yesterday and I got a little sad. I still want her to say Mommy & Daddy at 28 months is that too much to ask for :( I told her can can't call me Mom until she 13 - LOL!

Amanda said...

Hey,Iam back blogging!!!

Congrats on the girly thats on the way.

Are you feeling well?