Monday, March 03, 2008

Thank You, Ms. Erin!

The kids wanted to thank Ms. Erin for the very cute t-shirts she sent them to prepare for becoming a new big (big) sister and big brother!

Caroline was so excited to get hers and when I went to put it on her, she refused at first because she said she wanted it to be clean when the baby came. I reassured her that it would be clean in time for the baby and then she relented.

And here we have a few thank you photos to show Erin our appreciation for such a thoughtful gift. Although I did have to bribe them with 2 jelly beans each to get them to stay in on place long enough to get a few shots. Of course, the promise of sugar generally results in goofiness, but what else is new??

Thanks again Erin! I hope our paths cross soon especially because I really think that Caroline and Ben are kindred spirits and I'd love to meet Mr. Simon!


Anonymous said...

Bryce looks so mischievious!!!!!! It's hilarious! He's certainly developing his personality and he's so cute! Caroline is definitely the big sister::-)

Erin said...

Awww.. they look adorable! :) Ilove seeing my shirts on other peoples' kids. ;) You're welcome! I'm kind of wishing I'd sent the 4T for Caroline now... but hopefully that one will shrink a bit. ;)

viv said...

Your friend Erin makes shirts? I'd like to get a Big Sis/ Lil Sis shirts for the girls and I could go to but I like to give business to people who are "friends" Pass along my info and tell her I'm interested! Thanks!