Friday, March 14, 2008

Stuff I Want

Disclaimer: This is not a registry or gift request as Jason and I plan on buying all this and I'm in the process of buying some of it right now. :)

I just wanted to share the stuff I.HAVE.TO.HAVE for Baby #3!!

1: A Moby Wrap
I figure with 3 kids and 2 hands, I'm going to need all the help I can get, especially with all the breastfeeding I'll be doing. This one has gotten great reviews for being able to breastfeed hands free along with the fact that's it's great for those days when baby doesn't want to be put down. I have a Baby Bjorn but never liked it since it killed my back within a few minutes of wearing. Plus, I always felt like the baby's head was in my way. I thought about a few slings but the problem with a sling is that it goes over one shoulder and I need something that is supported by shoulders and back! It says that it goes up to 35 lbs, but honestly, my hope is for it to get me through the first few months of baby holding and more regular breastfeeding. Some of the pics on the website of it being used with older babies make me giggle though. But I think that as the baby gets bigger, I want one of these:

#2: Ergo Baby Carrier
I guess I just blocked out other moms talking about these the past 5 years because now that I'm paying attention, I can't read enough about how great they are. I plan on using this more as the baby is bigger and will like being on my back. (You can carry them on your front too if needed.) I love to carry Bryce or Caroline on my back now b/c it is so much easier than on my front, so I can imagine why a baby on your back in an Ergo would be great. And it's called ERGO as in ergonomical, so it's easy on yours and the baby's body. Shoot, I might even want to get it sooner than later because Bryce might still enjoy it and I think it might be cute/useful for Jason to use it with Bryce on occassion. Can't decide if I want the black with green lining or the cranberry. (I just love RED!) Some women love them so much, they don't even use their strollers anymore! We'll see about that.

#3 - Arms Reach Mini Co-Sleeper Bassinet
With Caroline and Bryce as newborns, we utilized a very old bassinet that had been used for my siblings and me along with my 3 cousins. My mom had purchased a new liner and cover for it and I had painted up the legs to make it look new again. But toward the end of using it with Bryce, I just kept worrying that the legs weren't exactly sturdy and that it might be a good idea to retire it. Enter baby #3 and the co-sleeper. I kept both kids in the room with me until they were nearing 3 months and then we transitioned them to the crib which is what I'll probably attempt to do with the new baby. I've known people with the full sized co-sleeper and they said for most people, the mini is all you really need - especially since we already have a pack and play. I've already been doing a little bit of bidding on them on Ebay for gently used ones but it always ends up coming to within about $30 of the price for a new one so I can't see paying almost as much for a used one. Plus, whomever in my family has a baby next will be lucky enough to score it! As much as I love pink though, I think I'll stick with a nice neutral tone for something that will likely get used by babies of both genders in the future. I also know that since our bed is VERY high, that this will not put the baby right in line with my sight (even if I get extenders) but just having her close will help with the contsant feeding you're doing at that age.

#4: Sound Spa Lullaby
We discovered the help of white noise with Caroline but didn't really get into it until Bryce was born and we needed help drowning out an unhappy toddler when the baby was sleeping. We got the simple and great, Homedics Sound Spa, with Bryce and just recently purchased a 2nd one so both kids can have them in the room. I even have one on my alarm clock even though I don't use it often. For some reason, the kids LOVE the heartbeat sound even though it drives me nuts. But, if it gets them to sleep... So I was looking around when I bought the 2nd machine and found this one! It has all the sounds I want plus, a few songs AND some light projection on the ceiling!!! How soothing (cool) is that? Both the kids loved having one of their crib toys with some dim light on them to go to sleep to and distract them and I think this will be even better. I'm worried that C and B will want their own once they see this!!!

So I think that's mostly it. I do want to get another simple, no frills bouncy chair (that vibrates) because I don't know how good of shape my Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders one is in terms of the seat cover staying on. And even if it's fine, I'll need one to have at Cathy's house since we borrowed one last time for that reason.

But, at least I won't have to buy a Bumbo seat or a new swing since Sandy (my MIL) got some gently used ones from a woman at work whose 1 year old doesn't need them anymore. I've always wanted a Bumbo and I was thinking that our swing might not make it through another baby since we noticed a significant power loss on the one we have as Bryce was using it - he used it a LOT.

I also need to go through the baby clothes and figure out what we have. I think many of the gender neutral undershirts may have seen better days but I'm looking forward to getting out the girlie ones again - I know there are many beloved ones I've forgotten. Although I know Caroline had a lot of heavy, fleecy sleepers since she was a December baby. This baby will be fine in onesies and thin cotton sleepers for the first few months.

Isn't baby gear the best???


Katie said...

ooooh I might have to get some of those things for Lucy.

Erin said...

You'll have to let me know how you like that Ergo carrier! I don't EVER use a stroller anymore... haven't even touched it since... maybe early summer? I just use grocery carts and that Playtex Hip Hammock... but the back carrier looks way more comfy!

Amy said...

Carter will probably have outgrown his cosleeper by then. Wanna borrow it? It'll save you some $$.