Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Speedy Delivery!

Remember that creepy postman on Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood? Ew!

Anyway, all my recent purchases have been arriving! Let's see....

My new Mint Green Land's End Mary Jane Trekkers? CHECK! Quite adorable and comfy! Not at all confining and will be great in a few more weeks and in the summer evenings! (PLEASE get warm!)

My Moby Wrap? CHECK!! Tried it on and did my initial wrap and it seems great! Jay laughed at the picture of the toddler in it and can't imagine Bryce trying it out. I think I'll skip trying that since I don't want it completely stretched out before little girl arrives. But I will need some practice before I'll be completely comfortable with it. My heavens that's a LOT of fabric!

And what was I most excited to get today? This is so lame - my new stove top burner drip pans!! CHECK! My old ones were getting soooo gross and never coming clean and they were only Target replacements to begin with so while they "fit" they never sat right on the smaller burners and they kept popping up. But I ordered these from the Whirlpool site (my stove is a Whirlpool) and they were cheap and they fit PERFECTLY. OMG, my stove is pretty again!! You have no idea how much the dirty, old ones were bugging me.

Next up? My Ergo is on it's way and is sitting somewhere in West Virginia on it's way to ME! Now this one, this one I will be trying on my little monkey boy. I cannot wait!!

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