Friday, March 21, 2008

Sometimes I Think I'm Squishing Her

I do not remember this with C or B but this little girl seems like she is still sooooooooooooo low in my pelvis and when she moves around, it feels like she's squirming and is thinking, "MOM! Sit up straight because you're pushing me further down!" They say that it's typical to carry subsequent pregnancies lower than your first which I know I did with Bryce, but this baby girl is still uber low. Of course by my belly you'd think she was up higher, but again, those are just my internal organs.

Every now and then I feel some kicks or movement behind my belly button but then it stops. I especially feel her moving when I'm sitting at the computer (usually work) and feel her all squirmy down there. Sometimes it feels like she gets behind my hip bones - seriously, that is how low (and wide) this baby is laying.

Of course too, I have to remember that I've been feeling movement for a long time - almost 10 weeks - so in my memory it seems like I should be noticing larger movements, but then she's only about a pound and 11 inches long, so not exactly big yet and the time where I want to tell her to calm down and give me a break is coming.

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