Monday, March 17, 2008

Sister Bonding Moment #1

Well, Caroline had her first "moment" with her baby sister yesterday afternoon. We had gone over to my parents' and I was sitting on the couch having some tea and watching TV. The kids were in the sun room playing with the usual assortment of toys. As I was sitting there baby #3 started kicking me consistently in the same spot. Finally, a chance for Caroline to feel since most of the time she kind of kicks all over and it's not dependable where the next kick will be. So I called Caroline over and I put her hand exactly where the baby was kicking. Caroline got really quiet and just kind of stood there waiting. And then, KICK! I didn't even have to ask her if she felt it because her eyes got REALLY big and she looked at me and this huge smile spread across her face. She started jumping up and down and got so excited! "I FELT THE BABY KICK!"

It was really the sweetest thing and I was just so glad to have gotten to share that with her. Of course I know that in the coming weeks, kicks and such will become much easier to come by and I'm sure that both kids will get to "play" with their new sister a lot more in the next 4 months, but this was a very special moment for me since Caroline was too young to really have much interest when I was going through this with Bryce. She is really getting excited to hold her baby sister and to help me with her. I can't wait!

Oh and another funny little Caroline tidbit, at my mom's other than playing with Venus all the time, she also has been playing with my sister's old Cabbage Patch Kids. The one is a CPK baby and while it's name was Zara when my sister had it, Caroline has decided that it's now a boy and his name is "Fudge." I don't know what it is, but the way she just calls him Fudge so nonchalantly makes me giggle every time.

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