Saturday, March 15, 2008

She's Had a Busy Day Already

Boy, Caroline has had a busy day and it's only 9:15 - she had a new baby, named Lizzie, and she rescued a bunny from the beach. According to her, Freddy (her imaginary Scooby Doo boyfriend) took her to the hospital last night and she had the baby this morning. (She told me that is why her belly was hurting at dinner last night , because the baby wanted to come out.) Then, she went to the beach and she found this poor bunny named Lucy who was sweating and panting. Poor Lucy has no friends, no parents, no brothers/sister, and no babysitter so Caroline is taking care of her. (For the record, Lucy is a stuffed bunny she's had for a few years.) When I went into her room this morning and she was sitting back in bed, I asked her why she was back in bed and she said, "No, this is not my bed, I'm in the hospital." And she she proceeded to sit and wrap up baby Lizzie and tell me that mommies just know how to wrap up their babies because, well, they're mommies.

I wonder what else she has in store for us today???


Katie said...

Are you glad she picked Freddy to be her man instead of Shaggy? ;-)

viv said...

I just LOVE her imagination! Love it!