Monday, March 31, 2008

Peanut Butter, I Miss You!

So far this pregnancy, I haven't missed peanut butter too much. I thought for sure I'd be craving it or just dying to have some in my first trimester when nothing seems to taste good. While I had a few moments where I really wanted some, it passed. But in the past 2 weeks or so, I've really missed it. Not actually craved it, but missed it. I miss what an easy protein source it is, especially when packing my lunches. I miss spreading it on a banana or piece of bread. I miss that sense of satisfaction you get just from eating a little bit of it. And for someone who doesn't eat much meat, taking a favorite protein source out of your diet is hard. Especially when you don't really eat eggs either - and especially all egg foods.

Each night as I pack my lunch I contemplate what to pack. If I'm lucky we have some yummy leftovers and I barely have to think about it. If I'm just a little lucky, I might have a Lean Cuisine or something to throw in. But many nights, like tonight, I had NOTHING. (And we even just got groceries yesterday...) What does a girl who can't have peanut butter, doesn't like lunch meat and doesn't have any frozen meal options eat?? Well, tomorrow (and this is for snack and lunch) I have a sliced apple, cottage cheese, a fruit cup (to be mixed with the c.c.), a few bagel crisps, and a can of minestrone soup. Joy. I knew that can of soup was sitting back there waiting for one of these desperate nights. But at least it was there. Before noticing it, I kept walking back and forth between the fridge and the pantry hoping something would jump out at me. Finally I reached back behind the Dora soups and nasty cooking soups, and found my last can of salvagable soup.

I'm sure I'll be wishing it was a peanut butter sandwich tomorrow. At least our office manager keeps the office candy jar stocked and there's always a piece or two of dark chocolate just for me and the baby.


H. said...

Awww, I feel your pain sweetie...I live on PB&J for lunches....only 111 days to go! You can do it!

Erika said...

You forget that I can't eat it while breastfeeding either....add another year to that. :(

viv said...

Every time you have a post about PB it makes me want some weird huh? You have to stop thinking about it because it's only making you want it more! Can you have soy butter or sunflower butter? Does that even taste like PB?

Erika said...

Soy butter is what Bryce eats and all I can say is BARF!!! It looks like peanut butter and if you've never had peanut butter, I'm sure it's fine. But if you want peanut butter, peanut butter it's not. It sure doesn't smell like it either. I've had almond butter too and that's not so tasty either. There's nothing to mimic real peanut butter flavor.