Sunday, March 09, 2008

"My Mouth Too Little"

This is Bryce's latest little phrase that always has me giggling and wanting to just hug him uncontrollably. He said it the first time at the allergist's on Wednesday before the doctor came in and I told him the doctor's last name, which is quite long, and asked if he could say it. Without even attempting it, he said, "I can't, my mouth too little." And then he kind of makes this sad little face that makes you pity him.

Then, this evening at dinner Caroline was trying to get him to say some line in Spanish from a Diego Live song and when she instructed him what to say, he replied, "I can't, my mouth too little." And again with the little pouty face.

Jason and I got a good laugh out of that and I explained again that is mouth is indeeed NOT too little as evidenced by the noise that can come out of it. Of course this follows up him telling me recently that he couldn't get up on something b/c "my legs to little" too. I'm sensing a theme here....

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