Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My Kids Pick the Final Four

Just like last year, we wanted the kids to get in on the NCAA March Madness and because Bryce is a little older, he made some picks this year too. Although he tended to pick the 2nd choice you gave him most times. And as expected, the kids each had some WACKY picks but they both ended with a valid choice for the team that will take it all. You may remember that Caroline picked 14th seeded Davidson to win it all last year. Well, this year she's got them in her Final Four so I'm thinking there's something about the name "Davidson" that she likes and at least Davidson is a 10 seed this year so maybe a little more possible. So without further adieu, I give you my childrens' Final Four 2008 picks:

Washington State (4)
Davidson (10)
Stanford (3)
Xavier (3)
Xavier wins it all over Stanford (a decent possibility)

Boise State (14)
Wisconsin (3)
Oregon (9)
Georgia (14)
Wisconsin wins it all over Georgia (Wisconsin was his best pick - two 14 seeds are a bit far fetched)

I also liked how both kids picked two #16 seeds to beat the #1 seeds in the first round. I wonder if we'll ever see that happen???


H. said...

Where's Maryland? Oh, wait, they didn't make it....

Katie said...

Now you have to publish your picks and J's picks and then we'll see who wins your family pool!

BJ said...

Katie beat me to my comment. So your pick is?????

Erika said...

I can't see Jay's picks yet because they keep them secret on ESPN groups until the brackets are locked today at the tip of the first game. But, I'm sticking with the ACC and going with UNC as the national champs. Now, I am clearly a Terp fan but except for DOOK, I will support our conference in all other instances and I really like Roy Williams. I used to not like UNC at all but Roy has changed my mind about them.

How 'bout those Terps winning a game against Tubby and the Gophers the other night? Never expected another win out of this team this year.