Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Must Have Item for Parents That Like Clean Walls

Have you heard about the Rubbermaid Paint Buddy? Well, if you're someone who likes to keep your well painted walls free of scuffs and kid marks, you'll LOVE this product!

Jason bought a few of them a while back to have and stored the leftover paint from the family room/kitchen in one and the playroom in the other. Basically, it keeps your paint fresh and in a handy little container to quickly do touchups without having to drag out the messy can of paint and a roller or brush. But, even though we had them, we hadn't used them yet.

So, I took advantage of the kids spending the night at my IL's last night and got them out. Welllll, I must say, HOT DAMN! I have pretty walls again! Not only was their no mess, but it was so easy and the only thing I had to do when I was done was to take the little roller out and clean it and then put it back in.

Granted, this isn't much help if you have a big section to fix, but for all those scuffs, red juice stains (don't ask), and "kid marks" they can be fixed instantly. Jason got ours at Home Depot but I see them online a few places and they retail at Lowes for less than $8. Probably not something you need for say, a master bedroom, but for hallways and kid rooms, man, is this a great invention. I love how it keeps the paint fresh and it's see through so there's no guessing how much paint is left and what color it is!


viv said...

OH I NEED THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel like I'm pullin gout the cans and brushes like every month to touch up spots! I'm getting this ASAP! Thanks for the good tip!

BJ said...

That sounds awesome! I will definitely have to look into that one.

H. said...

WOW! That looks fabulous!!! Good advertising...!

BJ said...

Looks like you should receive some rebate on this for your wonderful advertising

Erin said...

ooooh!!!! I want I want!!!