Saturday, March 01, 2008

March Started at 6am

Our March started at 6am with Bryce yelling for me, of course. But then he doesn't get out of bed, yet he will on the weekdays. I just don't get it. Ever since he's been in his big boy bed, he wakes up more often at night and wakes up earlier in the morning. He used to sleep until I woke him up on weekdays (6:45 or so) but now he's almost ALWAYS up at 6am. And he used to sleep until 7:30 or so on weekends and now we're lucky to get past 6:30am.

Of course waking up earlier means that the antagonizing of the other sibling starts earlier too. Timeouts started a little after 8am. But we've got a busy day ahead so it really isn't a big deal, I guess. They're both in good spirits so that's important.

We had a very nice evening with my parents celebrating my mom's birthday. The kids always have a ball when they come over and my mom was thrilled to know that my sister and I are going to be taking her to Bodyworlds down at the Science Center in April or May and then out for a meal.

And my exciting news for the day was that when I was laying in bed this morning and Bryce was trying to convince me to get out of bed, #3 was kicking away and I actually felt it lightly on the outside with my hand. So it's only a matter of time before the kids can get in on this action. I'm finally starting to feel her move a little higher up too - prior to this it was down very low.

So off to start March and hoping that this month truly goes out like a lamb because I am TIRED of the lion.

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viv said...

OMG a kick! The kids are gonna love feeling their sister kicking (the real "fun" kicking will start when she's out and all 3 of them get into fights but I'm not gonna go down that road ;) )