Sunday, March 02, 2008

Little Mommy Caroline

I knew all this doll playing that Caroline does would pay off.

This morning by the grace of some heavenly force, the kids were up at 6:30am and did NOT bother Jason and me. Not that we didn't hear them up, they just didn't bother us. So sometime after 7am, Jason gets up and goes in to find both of them in Caroline's bed, at which point he notices Bryce's bare legs.

"Bryce, where are your pants?"

Caroline says, "He didn't want me to put them back on after I changed his diaper."


Upon further inspection, Bryce is indeed wearing a diaper but Jason wasn't so sure at first since it was on quite well. But then he realized that it wasn't full (it usually is VERY full after a night) and we both thought we'd heard someone using the diaper pail. So, we deduced that Miss Caroline had indeed changed Bryce's diaper.

Although I was still a tiny bit skeptical and later in the morning when we were getting dressed, I asked Caroline to show me again. So, Bryce laid down and she did it. She even gets a wipe, sets the old diaper aside and wraps it up, and then gives him the choice to put it in himself or not. Then she wipes him, tells him to lift his butt up (which he does), and puts on the new diaper. All the while, he lays there calmly with a big smile on his face - quite a novelty to him, I'm sure.

I haven't stopped giggling about this all morning. Every time I time I think about it, I laugh. Just the image in my head of the two of them makes me laugh. But also, the thought that this morning, she clearly cared enough about him to do that for him and that just warms my heart. I know they seem to fight a lot, but it's moments like this that I realize how much they do love each other.

I did warn her to stay away from the poop diapers. Now THAT would still be more than she could handle.


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viv said...

Good to know you have another set of hands to help come this summer right? Too funny!

Anonymous said...

OMG! This is just too funny!! I'm sitting here still laughing. Bravo Caroline! I can just imagine she was talking to him as she was doing this and he's probably thinking "Caroline can do this!". Caroline is so much like you, Erika, it's not funny. However she's got one up on you as you never did this...but then we only used cloth diapers with pins. :-)

toddler said...

ROFL!!! That's awesome! Ben's a slacker... I need to teach him how to do this. ;)

Erin said...

Sorry, that was me... from my other gmail account.

Amy said...

She's awesome