Sunday, March 09, 2008

Just Glad It's Still Dark at 8pm

Whew. I hate the time change. Yes, it was nice that they slept a little "later" this morning but it always screws things up. No naps were had by children today and so bathtime began before 7pm and both were in bed by 7:45pm. All I could be thankful for was that it was dark so there was no opposition. (And that Caroline didn't notice that the big hand wasn't on the 12 yet or she would have known it wasn't quite 8pm.) No matter, they were both tired. We've had a busy weekend.

Friday night my SIL, Kelly and her husband, Jesse, came over and brought dinner. The kids chowed on their fav dinner, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese while we gorged on Pizza John's subs. Let me tell you, heaven...... Then the kids monopolized our guests until bedtime and we passed out on the couch shortly after they left a little after 9pm. I was so tired I barely knew where I was when we both came to around midnight.

Yesterday, we did the usual Saturday stuff of picking up the house and such. I had hoped to get out and run a few errands but I was overcome with exhaustion after my shower and just didn't have the energy nor did I want to go out in the POURING rain. Yuck. Both kids took naps but Bryce's was cut short by the even harder POURING rain. He woke up crying and when I went in, he was sitting there sobbing with his hands on his ears. Really scared him. But once Caroline was up, we made our way up our friend, Justin's house, about 30 minutes from here. Jay and I have known him since we were 10 and hadn't seen him in ages. He was having a get together later with a bunch more friends we hadn't seen in a while (most aren't married or have kids) and we didn't think that would be enjoyable for the kiddies, so we went early to give us a chance to hang out for a bit knowing we'd leave when the kids were bored.

But much to our surprise, the kids had a blast. While Justin doesn't have toys or much fun stuff for kids, he does have a good house in that he hardly has any knick knacks sitting out so not much for the kids to knock over. And in his very nice basement, he had leather sofas and a HUGE tv. BINGO. So the kids had a ball watching their fav shows and sliding all over the place. We arrived at 3:30 and didn't leave until it was nearing 8pm!! The kids were having such a good time playing and socializing (and seeming to wow everyone with their good behavior and sweetness) we just decided to stay and enjoy it. We caught up with so many people and everyone was so happy to meet them for the first time or see them again. And as usual, Bryce was charming the socks off all the women and was giving them all hugs and kisses as we were leaving. Caroline was being quite adorable too and chit chatting with people in the very grown up manner that she always does. So as we realized bedtime was approaching, we rounded them up and let the adult party go on without us. But for us, this was quite an accomplishment and we were very satisfied with how nicely the day had gone since the kids appeared to make parenting easy and we felt like we'd had some decent adult contact. We left with several people hoping we'd bring the kids to their house soon! (Be careful what you wish for...)

So a later bedtime wasn't so bad since they did sleep late this morning and after I got up at 9am (but it felt like 8am!), I got Caroline moving and we hit up JoAnn's fabrics to pick out some soft flannel material to make the baby some of her own "wa-was" (aka swaddling blankets). I picked out a pretty yellow with strawberries for the first one and then for the 2nd one, I promised Caroline I would make her and the baby a matching one, so she picked out the material. Wouldn't have been what I would have chosen, but it is pink. Pink with rainbows and hearts made of rainbows. Oh man, that's just too girly for me. But she's thrilled to be having a blanket that will be just like her baby sister's and she confided in me that someday she'd like to dress just the same as her baby sister. (She previously told me she'd NEVER want to wear the same clothes....)

After JoAnn's, we headed to the mall so I could spend a gift card to the maternity store my mom had given me for Christmas. I scored a full outfit and a new shirt for only $2 (thanks to the gift card!) and then we grabbed a quick lunch at Subway.

At this point the day started getting harder. When we got home, Jason was working on our taxes and Bryce had just gone down for a nap, but was not sleeping. He heard us and was not pleased. Caroline decided she didn't want a nap and against my better judgement, I didn't insist on one. (I was thinking that maybe no nap would equal an easy "early" bedtime - and I was actually right on that.) But temper tantrums ensued from both and resulted in Caroline having an extended timeout in her room. Once she calmed down, I offered to let them make homemade soft pretzels and everyone's mood turned happy. So while Jay continued tax work, I helped the kiddies make pretzels which I covered in a cinnamon sugar glaze. Mind you, b/c of the time change, my biorhythms are off and they were eating them at 4:30. Nice job, mommy. Oh well. But at 6pm, Jay made a quick dinner thanks to some frozen leftover minestrone in the freezer and the rest of the evening played out.

How is it already 9pm?? I really hate the first few days of a time change. I feel so out of it.

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