Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Interesting Things In Her Mind

Caroline is always thinking and processing - I just wonder what is going through that little head sometimes. I wonder about her rationale for doing things and about how she comes up with the most random ideas.

Last night, after bedtime, I heard a scamper acrossed the 2nd floor from the family room. Knowing my children very well, I could tell just by the sound of it, that it meant Caroline was out of bed. I took off my shoes to sneak up on her to find out what she was doing and listen to her. As I got up the steps, I could see that our bedroom door was partially shut and there were 10 little toes standing on the other side indicating that someone was checking themselves out on the full length mirror on the back of the door.

She didn't hear me but must have finished what she was up to because the door opened and out she walked. I asked her what she was up to and she mumbled something and tried to run past me. But I grabbed her arm and pulled her back. Again, I asked what she was up to because it wasn't apparent like it sometimes is by looking at her.

"Well, I was just looking in the mirror at my cheek. Oh, I just love my cheek. I just love my skin. I have such nice cheeks and skin."

WHAT? Of course, this made me smile and ask what she meant, but she wouldn't clarify and since there was nothing on her cheek, I figured she wasn't exactly being truthful with me. So I sent her back to bed. She really has a funny way of coming up with things....

Then this morning we were getting ready to go and she asked for new stick on earrings to be put on her. (These things are really the greatest for little girls who are interested in wearing earrings but might not be ready for piercing or their moms aren't ready.) My mom found 36 pair in the dollar bin at Target yesterday and Caroline was thrilled. When she had them before she would often proudly wear the same pair for days and because they look so real when they are on, she feels like such a big girl. So I put a new pair on her and she says, "When I get to Ms. Cathy's, I'll show her my new earrings and then I'll show her the backs because I don't want her to think I got my ears pierced."

So we get to Cathy's and she proceeds to do as she told me she would. I don't know why it was so important to make sure Cathy knew she didn't get her ears pierced, but it was clearly very important to her. Again, what is going through her little mind?

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