Wednesday, March 05, 2008

How in the world do you spend $85 at Walgreens?

Ack! That was my bill at Walgreens and it all fit easily into a basket with my purse. Here's what I bought:

Oil of Olay - SPF 15 (sensitive skin) - I've used this everyday for 9 years and swear by it!

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser - we're trying this with Caroline since she's had many adverse reactions to a variety of different other skin care products and we wanted something mild for her face that supposedly won't burn her eyes.

Slow FE - 60 days of iron And it was $20. WTH? Too bad I can't suck on a nail.

Fish Oil - I've heard these can be helpful with your mood and other things and for baby brain development (my prenatals don't have any in it). So I did my reasearch and knew to get ones that were sourced from SMALL fish (less chance of mercury issues) and that don't give that nasty fish burp effect. We'll see.

Children's Zyrtec - It was $10 but I had a $5 coupon!

Children's chewable generic tylenol - We are newly out and Caroline prefers these over liquid - can't say I blame her

Children's chewable motrin - who knew they made chewable motrin? I had to try some b/c of Caroline's preference.

New face powder - L'Oreal True Match - my fav. I don't wear much make up but face powder is important to me.

New lip gloss that now I really think is the wrong color - or I'm just really pale and wiped out. Wonder if I can return it now that it's opened? Or maybe it's better suited for my mom?

Little Mermaid jump rope - this was the cheapest thing I bought and Caroline asked yesterday if Santa would bring her a jump rope next Christmas. I think we can arrange for the Easter Bunny to bring her this....

So this was what I accomplished AFTER my OB appointment and Bryce's allergist appointment. OB appointment was fine and baby girl is doing well. The radiologist's report from the ultrasound came back just fine and she is currently at the 50th percent tile. I have NO idea how Caroline and Bryce measured at this point so who knows if that means I'm on track to have an average sized baby or not. Of course, C and B were 9lbs but they were NOT fat and not extremely long either. Just solid kids. So maybe the ultrasound isn't a good measure of that. Either way, an 8lb baby sounds delightful after my two 9lb turkeys but I'm not getting my hopes up just yet.

And after seeing Bryce's allergist, who Bryce addressed as "doc" when he walked in, it's clear we need to be back on the triple allergy "cocktail" again right away. I've heard people at work w/ spring allergies talk about how they are noticing them already so it makes sense that Bryce's nose is showing some signs of inflamation and that he's got a mild cough as a result of the allergens. But at least the 3 meds in combination work really well and once the high season passes, we can go down to just 2 of the meds through the summer. I just feel bad for him when the grass pollen is really high in the spring and just being grazed by a piece of grass causes a little welt on his cute little leg. Hopefully this proactive approach this year will make a difference. Oh and Bryce's biggest allergy nemesis is OAK. Grass is bad but watch OUT for those oak trees.


Erin said...

Heh... Ben also prefers chewables... (though he'll TAKE liquid now, which is an improvement over a year and a half ago when we had to pin him down and pour it down his throat, half drowning him while he screamed) Anyway, it was during that period that i also found out about the chewable Motrin AND, get this.. chewable antibiotics!!! Yeehaw!

viv said...

oooooo chewables? I'll have to get me some of those...............