Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hoppy Easter!

Since we don't celebrate Easter for any religious reasons, we decided to do our egg hunt yesterday and have the Easter bunny leave his presents too since we have a few things to do today and I know the kids will have 1 or 2 more egg hunts this afternoon. We didn't give them much candy at all but you add that to the little bit of candy that my daycare provider gave them and that Jay's grandmother brought over and it's more than they need. We spent the whole day chasing them out of Easter baskets and making conditions for when they could get their next candy fix. It's funny how, as a kid, you don't even think about the amount of candy you're eating and as a parent you freak out about it because all you can think about is their teeth and how it keeps them from eating the good stuff. Thankfully, no one innundates us with candy so it's managable and because they are still so little, we can keep it away from them and even hide a good bit of it for later. I'm sure that won't last much longer since Caroline is recalling more and more of the small details of things she's given.

But both kiddies were thrilled with their little Easter prezzies - Bryce with some new Thomas and Friends stuff and Caroline with her new Barbie and make your own tiaras craft book. It's just too bad we had to do the egg hunt indoors but they still enjoyed it.

We decided to forego egg dyeing again since I'm just too paranoid to let Bryce play with eggs given his allergy and since they don't know anything about it, they don't know what they are missing. But they did spend a decent amount of time at the kitchen table playing with their new stamp and ink pads and made a mess comparable to the mess that would be made with egg dyeing, so I didn't exactly get off mess free. And they both had stained fingertips just as they would have if dyeing eggs, so they looked the Easter part, I guess.

So this morning we're just enjoying the quiet before we head off to other places. At the moment they aren't fighting but that's probably short lived. Thomas and Friends incite a lot of crying and fighting in our house. Mostly because Bryce FREAKS everytime the bridge "breaks" and he refuses to even try to put it back together. (The "I'm too little" response is something we often hear.) I'm seriously considering using wood glue to cement that piece together. And then Caroline wants to either put her Barbie into the new freight shed or she wants to monopolize all 3 of the trains and not share any with Bryce. This has resulted in several screaming incidents and even 2 biting incidents (Bryce). Our steps have been showing no vacancy quite a bit in the past two days thanks to frequent time outs. But, they're little kids and they still have had a lot of fun, play together moments so I'm not worried. It's just their deal at the moment.

And here's Bryce with his bunny pancake I made for him this morning - he was very excited! (Caroline wanted Eggos so that is why she didn't get one too.)

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