Friday, March 14, 2008

Hey! You Suck!

And by "you" I mean, the Terrapin Men's Basketball team. (For the non-Terps out there, this is a common chant at men's basketball games to the opposing team.)

You guys suck. You totally suck. You have talent and you blow a 20 point and 15 point lead. Who are you? Oh, I know, you're the team that LOST to American Frickin' University. Yeah, you say, "we beat #1 UNC." Well, that doesn't count for much when you lost your last 5 of 6.

I'm GLAD you won't be in the NCAA tourney. I can't bear to see you bomb on the national stage. I'm glad you'll be sitting home watching the Lady Terps in the NCAA tourney (thank goodness SOMEONE has it together!). Heck, their coach had twins a month ago and is already back to coaching. And you call yourself MEN?

And who do I blame, I guess I blame Gary a little bit but most of my blame goes to Vasquez and Gist. Gist is supposed to be one of the best players on the team - a senior and when he actually plays, they win. (Jason says he reminds him a lot of Terrence Morris in the years we were students.) But Gist doesn't actually play well that often and the team slides. But honestly, my biggest beef lies with Vasquez. This guy is the real problem for the team. Yes, he can play well, but he's selfish and arrogant and I think he's negatively affecting the entire team. And, he's ONLY a sophomore. Gah. His "leadership" has done nothing for the team and I really am afraid it's going to continue to negatively affect the younger players. And there are some talented young players on that team. He reminds me a lot of Gilchrist from a few years ago who was a big blowhard who thought he was all that. (So much so that he declared for the NBA draft after his junior year and it amounted to NOTHING. HA HA HA!)

So Terps fans, let's forget about the men until October and focus on the real team to represent us - the Lady Terps. Let's hope Brenda and her players can come back from that loss to DOOK in the ACC tourney and go deep into the big dance this March. Not so sure about a #1 seeding right now, but at least we know they're going.

Rant over.


Katie said...

I don't even watch anymore. I think Gary should be under the gun. His teams have sucked ever since they won the title in 02. HOW is that possible? Recruiting SUCKS! They have a new arena too-- no excuse. I hate Vasquez too. No class at all. I've learned a long time ago to focus on the Lady Terps. They have a promising coach, classy players, a good attitude, oh, and they actually WIN!

H. said...

OUCH! I think you should send that rant to Gary...perhaps he can comment. GO BRENDA!!!

Katie said...

I'm not a fan of #1 seeds anyhow. I'd prefer to be the underdog-- it's more motivating. Plus, everyone roots for the underdogs and roots against the #1s.

Anonymous said...

So now you can cheer for the Heals with Jenna and I, right?!!!


Erika said...

But if they don't get a #1 seed, will they still get to play on their home court? (I know they were really hoping to be "hosts" since the first two rounds are are Comcast.)

But I do agree w/ you on the disdain for a #1 seed.

I think Gary is okay....for now. He did win the ACC tourney after the 02 championship. Although he's had lots of inconsistent teams his entire career at MD and it makes you wonder how much of it is his coaching style. As much as I HATE (truly HATE) Coach K, you have to wonder what that man does to his players b/c they certainly aren't that good once they leave DOOK. (Although I have my theories on deals he's made with the devil...)

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute....did you forget that Coach K is the devil?!!!! Look at that's all there! His players are Satan worshippers!! Dook...tuh tuh tuh!!(how ever you write that spitting sound in disgust!)

Erika said...

I didn't say I liked the guy, I just want to know his secret for turning mediocre players into a star team. Do you know how few DOOK basketball players have gone on to do much of anything in the NBA????