Thursday, March 06, 2008


Thought you'd enjoy seeing where my kids get their looks. Well, in many ways they look a lot like other members of our families, but seeing how we are their genetic link, we did give them their looks....especially that BLONDE hair! (Told you we both used to have blonde hair....)

This pic of me is from kindergarten and I was almost 5 years old. True to form, I remember this photo being taken and wondering why I couldn't smile for the 2nd shot. I still love the expression on my face in the reflection and I loved that dress.

And here's Jason at 6 1/2 - talk about blonde, huh?

Poor Jay, you can already see that he's got orthodontics in his future in this picture. Both of my kids have lovely, straight teeth right now (well, except for what Caroline's thumb sucking is doing to her mouth) so I have hopes that maybe they'll take after my side and won't need any braces but I am guessing if thumbsucking keeps up for C, a retainer will fix that so long as everything else stays in order.

You know what's funny though is that neither of us are wearing clothes that completely date us - I mean a red t-shirt and a knit dress? Things that would easily blend in my kids' closet now. WTG Bertie and Nana! Your kids don't look like fools in these pics. :) (And Jay, I'll make sure that pic I've seen of you in a half shirt never sees the light of day.)

I think we were pretty cute but I think my kids are even cuter.


Anonymous said...

Let's just call it destiny for you and Jay! were both so cute!

Erin said...

oh wow!!! I can definitely see BOTH of you in your kids! I love looking at old childhood pics and finding resemblences. Genetics is(are?) SO cool. :)

Katie said...

Very cute. I think your kids are a great mix of you both!

Anonymous said...

LMAO, sorry but I remember the half shirt. Got the video and everything. One of my favorite childhood home movies ;)