Thursday, March 27, 2008

Funny Quote Time

Both kids had a few funny quotes today....let's see:

As I was preparing dinner, Jason was playing blocks with the kids. Caroline was trying her darndest to build some kind of tower/tunnel and it kept falling. All of a sudden I hear, "I am getting SICK of this!!!!!!" Said soooo like a woman!

After dinner, Caroline was doing her yoga DVD and I was sitting and throwing a ball around with Bryce. I laid back a little bit and my shirt came up which gave him a peek at my belly. He immeadiately got up on the couch and started hugging and kissing it. Then he says, "When my baby sister comes out, I'm going to go back in." Um buddy, I love you with all my heart but I don't think THAT'S happening anytime soon!!!

After baths, the kids love to play a game with Jason called "Grumpy Old Troll." (I'll have to tell about this later.) After a few rounds it's time for bed and they are NEVER happy about it. As Caroline was walking back to her room she says, "I'VE HAD IT!" Again, very well said like a woman! I think I know where she's getting these little, me?????

Finally, just as we were ready to put the kids to bed, Bryce announced that he pooped. Jason asks him, "Bryce, WHY did you poop now??" And his reply? "Because I wanted you to change me!" Well, duh!


H. said...

And the award goes to Bryce...he's going back in???? That is hysterical!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BJ said...

Sydney has had the same comments that Caroline had....."I can't take this anymore!" and she says it in such a determined adult voice. Oh my!