Monday, March 10, 2008

From what did you abstain?

Something Erin posted on her blog got me to wondering about what everyone abstained from during their pregnancies. Here are mine:

Alcohol (duh) - well, I will have the occassional small sip of one of Jason's beers but that's truly barely anything.

Peanuts/peanut butter - to hopefully keep this baby peanut allergy free

Eggs - again for the allergy prevention but only in hard core egg form like an omelete. I still eat baked goods and other things where egg is a lesser ingredient. This isn't that hard b/c I really don't like eggs in their plain form. The smell has always been enough to make me sick, even not pregnant.

Raw fish sushi - yeah, that's just a no brainer but I do indulge in cooked fish sushi as long as it's not:

Tuna (and other high mercury fish) - after reading an article about the mercury, I'm staying far away for now

Extreme caffiene - I drink a smaller mug of coffee every morning and maybe one that's a little bigger on the weekends, but I always ask for my Starbucks treats to be decaf (and that's only like every two weeks or so) I'll have the occassional diet soda too b/c it settles my stomach on bad days and I really don't like sugared soda on a regular basis.

I know some women abstain from lunch meats and hot dogs too b/c of potential listeria, but I hardly ever eat lunch meat for personal reasons and if I do eat a hot dog, it's WELL cooked.

So what was/is on your refrain list?


Erin said...

LOL! I just replied to your comment on my blog, but I'll repeat it here. ;) I didn't PURPOSELY abstain from coffee... after about week 19 or so with both pregnancies, I started throwing it up every time I'd drink it. It was awful. Sometimes I'd still have a cup knowing it would come right back. Oh it was SOOOOO sad. :(

As for other things I purposely abstained from? Umm.. not much. LOL. Alcohol, obviously, but i'm not a drinker anyway. With #2 I did stay away from lunchmeat because I saw a Baby Story that scared the bejeezus out of me that involved listeria. Other than that? Nothing!

Erika said...

GAH! Ben & Simon didn't like coffee, huh? Man, that is the PITS! How odd after 19 weeks too!

I saw something on listeria too pre-pregnancy #3 and it freaked me out, of course if I ate lunch meat more than like once every 4 months, it would have more of effect on my eating.

Erin said...

Ben and Simon didn't like anything... gah. I am such a veteran puker. But coffee was always the worst.

Katie said...

Other than the things listed, I can't remember abstaining from anything in particular. I definitely had foods I avoided, but for morning sickness/nausea/heartburn reasons.

BJ said...

I really only abstained from peanut butter and alcohol. I did watch how much caffiene I drank but had to drink some because I found if I didn't I had really bad headaches.

viv said...

I only stayed away from caff. (but not a coffee drink so this wasn't big deal to me), lunch meat and deli salads, alcohol, and I didn't eat fish that much. Can't think of anything else, right now - it seems like such a long time ago.........

H. said...

Poultry...the smell, the taste, the texture--ICK--....Gretchen did not like poultry...or shrimp for the same reasons. However, the day she was born I had intense cravings for chicken and ate it for about a month straight! Go figure. And, of course, all the usuals...alcohol, caffeine, fish, lunchmeats etc.