Friday, March 21, 2008

Ergo On Sale!

It's next to impossible to find a new Ergo for sale because of the way the company manages their product and the standard price is generally $92. But I wanted to pass this onto anyone in the market for one that Babycenter is having a sale this weekend and you can get the Ergo for $82 (not including shipping).

This weekend only get up to 15% extra off your order:
Spend $25 save 5%
Spend $50 save 10%
Spend $150 save 15%
Use coupon code EXTRA15%OFF at checkout to redeem your savings.
The only thing that makes me mad is that it only lets you use one coupon at a time so it makes you think you can get free shipping too. But the 10% coupon is more valuable in this case than the free shipping - at least shipping to my area of the country. I got the CRANBERRY one and can't wait for it to arrive to try with my older kids since it goes up to 40lbs.

I also recently scored my Moby Wrap too on Ebay - new with tags for $32! It's $40 not including shipping most other places so I actually got a deal!


BJ said...

Look at you -- miss deals today! Congrats on finding such good deals. It makes you feel good even when you can save just a little, doesn't it?!

jason said...

What, did we hit the lottery?

Erika said...

Jay, I guess you didn't get my email.

viv said...

Hey E, my J says the same thing when I go crazy and buy stuff. But I remind him it's for the girls not really for me ;) I would L.O.V.E. to go on a shopping spree ALL on M.E. one of these days (maybe when I go back to work in live 5-7 years!)

BJ said...

I recently had the opportunity to do a shopping spree on myself (my previous job gave me a VERY generous gift card as a going away present)and I couldn't believe how great it felt. I have never had an opportunity to do something like that really and it was awesome! Here is looking to the next time I have that opportunity:>