Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Duck, Duck, Goofy!

We're having some friends over on Saturday that we haven't seen in a while thanks to kid illnesses popping up at the time of planned visits and such. When I talked to the momma of the family, she told me that her kids have really been into playing Duck, Duck, Goose lately so it hit me that my kids don't know that game. (Duh, how did I forget THAT game?) So after dinner, I decided to teach them how to play with hilarious results.

I never realized it was such a complicated concept to grasp, but Caroline seemed to pick it up quickly. There were only 3 of us playing so it's not quite as much fun or as clear if there were more people playing. So I had both kids sit down facing one another - a harder task than you'd expect - and then started "ducking" them. I "goosed" Caroline and had her chase me. But the funniest thing was that made Bryce get up and start running around too. We were all laughing hard by this point and I had to keep telling Bryce to sit down but he didn't understand and it was just hilarious chaos. Then Caroline became the "ducker" and she "goosed" Bryce. But instead of running around our little "circle" they just chased each other around the house. Again, more laughing. Then Bryce became the "ducker" but he didn't get the concept and decided just to call "goose" on me and run away.

We played for a bit longer and then it was bath time. They can't wait to play it with their friends on Saturday but I think maybe we'll see if we can't practice some more and get daddy to play it with us tonight to get another person in on it.

It really is the simple things that make life great, isn't it?


BJ said...

I can just picture you guys running around, laughing and having fun.

Katie said...

Ditto what the 1st commenter said!