Saturday, March 29, 2008

Cleaning Up Dried Blood

That's what Jason is doing right now. He's cleaning up blood that ran down the railing when Bryce hit his head this morning at 7:15am. All's well that ends well, I guess. He didn't end up needing stitches and has some steristrip things but the doctor really had to get a good look at it to decide. It wasn't too deep but way deeper than anything else Bryce (or Caroline) has done to themselves before and because it just kept bleeding, we knew he needed to be seen. So we waited for 90 minutes at Patient First (we were scared of it being even worse at the ER) and left w/ some steristrips on his head. He was really good and talked the.ENTIRE.time we were there. Clearly, he didn't bump his head that hard.

But basically, he was up at 7am, Jason went in and changed him and then he and Caroline started downstairs right after Jason put the old diaper in the diaper pail. Well, that got Bryce fired up because HE wanted to do it and he started this pitiful fit screaming and crying. (I was laying in bed watching this rousing myself up.) Well, he started downstairs continuing the drama and all of a sudden BAM! We have one step down to a landing and then it turns to more steps, but he only fell down that one step and hit his head on the corner of the wooden banister and the blood started to flow. Jason got up the steps in record speed, picked him up and dripping blood everywhere and Caroline followed SCREAMING. Bryce was upset but I think Caroline was even more freaked out. Once we got a wash cloth on it with some pressure, I took Caroline out of the bathroom to calm her down. (I remember having a similar reaction after watching my sister fall down some steps.) Upon inspection, it looked like a big dent and I called my mom (our nurse on call) and she agreed we probably want to take him in just in case. She offered to watch Caroline so we wouldn't have to deal with two bored kids and we dropped C off at her house on the way. (She had a great time and ate 3 bowls of oatmeal at Bertie's!)

So now we are home, Caroline decided to take a nap already (who is this child?) and Bryce is still in his blood dotted PJs playing blocks. Jay and I need to shower and do some cleaning since we still have friends coming over this evening.

Jay and I were remarking that we're actually surprised we made it this long without an emergency doctor trip with Bryce. No joke, this kid falls all the time. He's constantly banging into something, slipping, or just falling down for no reason. And to top it all off, as we were leaving and Jason picked Bryce up off the exam table, he hoisted him up and banged his head on the overhead light. Sweet. And since we left, Bryce has had several near hand bonging incidents already. I'm telling you, it's probably good I won't have 2 little rough and tumble boys. I don't know if I could take it!


Erin said...

Benjamin his his head in almost the same spot when he was a little younger than Bryce. He ended up needing stitches. We kept saying to the doctors that we had NO idea how he managed to create a gash that big based on what he did. (just sort of tripped into the coffee table, but didn't hit that hard) They told us that that part of the head has such thin skin that it just busts WIDE open with even a small bump, especially in kids. The bleeding is always so scary though! Poor Bryce! Glad he didn't need stitches! :)

H. said...

What a beginning to your weekend...poor Bryce (and Caroline!)...I hope your evening is pleasant!

BJ said...

Poor little Bryce! Glad to hear that all is well but that was a busy morning.

Okay, so for a comment not really related to this topic but I can't resist posting --- Can you believe that Davidson is still in the tournament. Caroline's pick is still alive!!! Go Caroline

viv said...

Oh poor B! He seems to be doing good though. Good think it wasn't a broken arm or anything......... my neighbor has 2 twin boys and one of them fell off the bed and broke his arm when he was about B's age. She said it was the worst!

And to add to bj's comment - I was thinking the same thing when Davidson won last night! I said to my hubby, I think one of Erika's kids picked Davidson to go to the Final Four! So I got on your blog and checked it out!