Thursday, March 20, 2008

Cheesy Juice

This was Bryce's little invention yesterday after he helped me get the Mac 'n Cheese started. I thought it was pretty darn cute and he ran around the entire time before dinner drinking from his specially invented box cup. I guess he thought he was pretty ingenious and kept running up to you and showing you how he could drink from it and hold it. I'm not sure what the novelty was, but I enjoyed his excitement about it.

Oh and the kids' sandals came yesterday and they tried them on and LOVED them. Caroline even tried to sneak them into her wardrobe choice this morning but I told her that closed toed shoes were a requirement and sandals with socks did NOT count as closed toed. My shoes apparently shipped TODAY so they are coming soooooooooon! I'm glad I ordered them when I did b/c my mom ordered herself a pair of the blue ones a few days later and they are on backorder till mid-April. Not like I'll need them before that given how freaking cold it has been and will be. sigh

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Maybe Bryce will be an engineer and invent things.
Cute picture with his invention but I couldn't help but notice he had a little car in his hand :-)
He's such a little buddy!