Monday, March 10, 2008

The Cause of a Wet Face

After putting the kids to bed last night, Bryce started crying - hard. Not understanding what could be wrong since it was not his usual bedtime whining, I went upstairs. There he was, laying his his bed crying. I asked him what was wrong and he says, "There's water on my chin and it's hurting my dry skin."

He went onto tell me that daddy had put lotion on his dry skin and the water was taking the lotion off. So I got him a "nissue" and he wiped his face and then I put on more lotion. I told him that if he stopped crying, he wouldn't have "water" on his face. I kissed him and thought that was that.

Caroline was in the bathroom (as she usually does right after we put her to bed) and that is why he cried because he knew she was up. So I helped her finish up in there and Bryce started crying again.

I went in and he cries, "My cheeks are all wet again." So another "nissue" was given and all was better. I told him that a sure fire way to keep your cheeks from getting wet is not to cry, but I don't think he understands that logic.

Even so, he was pretty cute and it was very hard not to scoop him up but he needed to go to sleep and did very well all night. He's finally getting the hang of this big boy bed stuff and not waking up as often in the night.

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