Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bryce's 4am Wake Up Call

Well, a little after 4am, just as Jason was getting up, Bryce cried out. I wasn't concerned as this is typical of him since got into his new bed. But soon after Jason responded he was back in my room telling me that Bryce had thrown up all over his bed. sigh This was the first time, other than Bryce's intense first 6 months of spitting up all.the.time, that he'd ever thrown up. So there was Bryce sitting in his bed, covered in barf, like nothing he'd eaten the night before had been digested. Jason stripped the bed and got laundry going while I gave Bryce his 2nd bath in 10 hours since he had barf in his hair. The most pitiful thing was when I was getting him undressed and he asked why and I told him it was because he barfed. And his response:

"Yeah, Boomer barfed too. He went to doctor and he died."

Talk about almost making your mommy cry... Poor kid, I assured him he wasn't as sick as Boomer was and got him into the tub at which point I don't think anyone would have known he was sick. So after he was cleaned up and re-pajamaed, we went into my bed since it still wasn't 5am. Of course, he wasn't going to sleep - there were too many questions to be asked! He got up with Jay for a bit but Jay was hurrying around so he could run out and get some Gatorade and Coke. Jay returned a little after 6am and then I decided it was futile to stay in bed and got up for a much needed cup of coffee.

Bryce then had a diarrhea attack and started acting a little crabby. He's in on the couch watching TV with Caroline, who just woke up. So who knows what kind of day I'm in for. He doesn't quite seem to understand the concept of being sick or at least he doesn't act like Caroline does when she is, which means she lays around and rests. I'm just hoping he doesn't run around and barf everywhere. But you never know with an active 2 1/2 year old.

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