Friday, March 14, 2008

Bryce, My Huggy Bear

Oh, does this little boy ever have my heart! His new ritual at night now is when I go in to kiss him good night (Jason usually is the one that reads him his story and does the initial tucking in), I lean over and give him a kiss and a hug and he hugs on sooooooooooo tight. And as soon as I get away, he asks for more. Then he asks for one where he's standing up. And then another, and another, and another. It's very hard to peel yourself away from a cute little boy that just wants to hug and kiss you. (And then tells you he's rubbing your kisses in.) And while I know how much I enjoy the affection, I also know that this is stalling so I've had to limit my hugs and kisses to once or twice because if he had it his way, it would last all night. I feel bad when he's still calling for more when I leave his room, but I know I'm getting played. It's amazing how quickly they learn how to manipulate you. But I guess in this case, I really don't mind because I'm saving up all his kisses for the years when I know they will be sparse.

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